My best friend, Abbey, my adopted parents, and I were all eating in a restaurant in New York City. She and I were going to ditch my parents after lunch, and go find some stores to hang out in, but plans sometimes change, whether you want them to or not.

Our waiter came back and asked us if we were ready to order, my parents said we were, so he looked at me expectantly.

"I want a BLT, with bacon on the si-," I was cut off when our waiter, gave a small squeak, which would have been hilarious under other circumstances, because the guy was so manly looking, even though he was probably only nineteen or twenty.

So I turned to look at what he was squeaking about, and saw ten men come in; each had on a ski mask on and was holding a gun. There were a few screams and some people shouted "call the police". The one person who actually tried to, was shot in the hand, making them drop their cell phone. Then, one man, the man who had been the first to enter, jumped onto a table, breaking all of the glasses on it, and fired his hand gun. He was rewarded with complete silence.

"Everybody shut up and listen, I want young people over there, ages nine through nineteen," he indicated the corner to the left of me. Some people started to move. "Don't move yet, you idiots, I want twenty through founrty over there," he pointed to the corner opposite me.

"The rest of you can go into the center of the room."

He jumped down from the table, looked around and yelled "Move!"

The room stayed silent, except for a few people who were sobbing. One of the ten men looked kind of disappointed that nobody was screaming anymore.

Abbey and I headed over to the corner to the left of us, since we were both fifteen, my parents headed towards the center of the room.

Some of the ten were looking around the room, inspecting everyone. Others were surrounding the people in the center.

The men in the center reached through the group of people and grabbed someone's arm, my mom's arm. I squeaked, I know, I know stupid move, but I did. Thank god none of the men noticed.

I felt a light tug on my side and looked down to see Abbey, tugging at my sweatshirt and making a face like "My GOD! That's your mom!"

I mouthed "I know, what should I do?"

She mouthed back "Nothing!"

I sighed and nodded knowing that she figured I would die also.

Unfortunately one of the men saw her mouthing "Nothing" to me; he came over and grabbed her

"Come along little girl," he picked her up easily since she was so small, and dropped her next to my mother.

My father was now looking at me mouthing "Don't do anything; I will get them out of this." I nodded, knowing that he might be able to. And also knowing that he could end up dead, but there was nothing I could say that would make him not take that chance.

My father stepped up to the men holding Abbey and my mom, the man holding my mom glared at him and opened his mouth, but my father cut him off whispering something to the man. After a few seconds the man threw back his head and started laughing.

When his laughter had subsided the man looked around the room and addressed everyone, saying "This man here," he gestured towards my father. "He believes that he can talk us out of killing his wife and this girl. Do you want to know what he will get instead?" Nobody answered. "I said do you want to know what he will get instead," Everyone, except me, joined in for a collective "What?" I had already guessed what he would get. I knew and I could just tell he was thinking "Death".

The man smirked and said "Death." He then shot my father.

My mother let out a wail before the man backhanded her. She grabbed Abbey for support. But the man would have none of that he pulled her forward.

He then shot her, repeatedly. He shot her in the head first, then in other places, over and over. The whole time I just stood there thinking Abbey. How do I save Abbey?

He pulled Abbey forward and was reloading his gun when I stepped forward and pulled her away from him. I put my arm around her waist and let her cry into my shoulder as I turned back to him to bargain. I had an idea.

"Please, just listen," he nodded. "Okay, well,-"

"Get on with it," he growled. Other men were moving in behind him. I swallowed.

"Please don't kill her," I indicated Abbey, who was still crying. "I will do anything, and I mean anything just don't hurt her."

He looked me over, signaling for me to turn around I was trying to but since Abbey was still crying into my shoulder, I could barely move. Someone pulled her off of me and shoved her towards his men.

After I had turned around he grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me close to him, so close that I could feel his heart beating steadily against my side.

I could feel his chest rumble as he spoke, "Are you a virgin?"

A young man entered after that, some people cried out, telling him to phone the police. When he laughed they realized that he was part of the mafia.

Instead of a ski mask he was wearing a huge hat that had a veil type thing hanging down obscuring our view of his face.

He seemed to understand what was happening with the middle-aged man holding me.

"Five," he said. "Get away from her. Girl, come here." He spoke with an air of authority, as if he were in charge. Maybe he was. Five could be the other man's ranking.

Once I reached him, he asked, "What can you do?"

"I can sing, write, I can…clean…I can…play the piano…. Please, I will do anything just let Abbey live."

"Who is Abbey?" He asked.

I pointed to her, and he turned and looked at her, before nodding and turning back to me.

"Are you a virgin? I know he already asked you that but now I want to know."

I swallowed before croaking, "Yes."

"Since you still have your virginity, and are valuable because of that, I will do you one better: I will not kill anyone in this restaurant," he paused, "Except for your family."

He grabbed onto Abbey, I thought he wasn't supposed to kill her? That was part of the deal!

"Wait!" I cried, while struggling to pull her away from him. "She isn't part of my family!"

"Then who is? Point them out to me."

I pointed towards my mother's still bleeding body, then to my father's.

"They are."

He looked down at them in disgust; he turned to Five "Did you do this?"

Five looked afraid but he still nodded

"This is disgusting! Clean it up."

He turned back to me, he pointed at a man in a red ski mask. "He will be taking you out to the car. You are to follow all of his directions no matter what they are. If you do anything that he does not tell you to do she is going to die" He pulled out a gun and moved it so that it was pointing towards Abbey.

The man in the red ski mask slid his arm around my waist and held my wrists together with his free hand, so that someone else could tie them.

He led me outside. I could hear screams but I couldn't see any people. That was when I noticed that there were men guarding every single door on the street and the screams were coming from inside of the buildings.

Red ski-mask man yanked open a door on a beige Ford Suburban and shoved me inside.

He pushed me onto a seat and started to buckle me up, then realized that I was sitting on my hands. He cut the rope that was binding them.

"Don't fight me," he growled.

"I won't," I answered thinking of Abbey.

He started to buckle me once again. He smirked at me while he was pulling the belt over my chest, brushing my breasts with his hand, he might have been young, he might have been cute, I don't know, but he had no right to touch me! I growled at him while he felt me up, he just laughed.

After I was buckled in he reached out and pushed on a pressure point, making me lose consciousness.