'Pet' by Rose Red


I walked briskly down the halls just barely illuminated by the morning sun towards my pet's room. Upon arriving, I tried to open the door, but he had once again locked it. Willful child. So like his mother.

"Pet, open the door." I commanded. Silence. I knew he was in there. He did everything he could to defy me. If I told him to eat, he refused. If I punished him, he would keep silent to infuriate me. If I locked him out of the house during a storm, he would not beg to be let in. I was determined to break him, one way or another.

I knocked on the door lightly. He still refused to acknowledge my presence. "I will break down the door," I said casually. No answer. I was getting angry. My pet may have the key to his room, but I have the master key.

I went to retrieve it from its hiding place atop the molding on the door leading to my bedroom. I unlocked my pet's door as soon as I got back. His room was empty. I searched it thoroughly, but no sign of my pet. The window was closed, so he couldn't have gotten out that way. I thought for a moment, until it hit me. When I had gone to get the master key, he had left and relocked it the door. He could be anywhere.

I ran through the halls in the direction I guessed my pet had gone. Sure enough, I saw his slender figure disappear around a corner. I followed, and caught my pet by his hair just as he was reaching for the front door. "Got you," I said.

"Let go!" My pet yelled, twisting around in an attempt to hit me. I was not pleased. My pet had tried to run before, but I obviously hadn't punished him right. He hadn't learned his lesson.

I turned and strode towards the room far in the back, dragging my pet with me by his shoulder-length hair. He had become accustomed to this room, being there so often. It was lined with chains, whips, knives, and many other things, everything I needed to keep my slaves in their places.

My pet hit my arm continuously all the way there, until I was sure I would have a bruise. But a bruise was nothing compared to what I would do to the wretch I was dragging down the hall, my hand gripping his soft hair.

He liked having his hair long. I let him keep it so, but he had a habit of shielding his face with that hair of his. I didn't like that. I think it was time for that hair to go.

I dragged my pet into the room, shutting the door with my foot. I grabbed a knife from the wall and began to brutally hack my pet's hair off. "No!" He yelled, trying to twist out of my grip, but I held tight. I didn't stop until almost all of my pet's beautiful hair was strewn across the floor.

I let him go, and he attacked me, but I just shoved him to the ground. I knelt on the beside him, one knee on either side of my pet's legs, one hand on each side of his head, pinning him to the ground. "Let me up," he growled. He acted tough, but I could see well-hidden traces of fear in his eyes.

"How dare you order me?" I asked, leaning down to kiss my pet, biting through his bottom lip with my fangs. He let out a shrill shriek of pain, and I pulled away, watching as the bloody holes healed themselves. When they were finished healing, I licked the blood from my pet's lip, sliding my hands up under his shirt.

He struggled, but I could hold him down easily. "It is not wise to fight me, chere," I told him, "I will get what I want." My pet turned his head to the side and lay still as I pulled his shirt off and kissed tenderly down his torso. He shivered when my lips found a sensitive spot. "You know you like this, pet," I murmured against his skin.

"No," he said bitterly.

"We'll see." I got up long enough to grab a cord from the wall before coming back down to bind my pet's hands over his head.

"How can you live with yourself?" My pet snarled at me. "Have you no conscience?"

I smiled. "No."

"I hate you!" he spat.

"You are just like your mother. Headstrong, wayward. She was pathetic..."

"Don't you talk about my mother!"

"...Just like you." I finished, tugging my pet's pants off. They were quickly followed by his underwear, rendering him naked beneath me. I slid my hand down his smooth stomach, stopping at that forbidden place between his legs. He whimpered at my touch, knowing what was to come.

I moved my hand, and he flinched. I smiled at him menacingly and took my hand away from that area, only to shove my fingers into his mouth. "Suck," I commanded. My pet refused, and I drove my fingers further into his mouth, making him gag. He still wouldn't.

I leaned down and pierced through the skin on his chest with my fangs. In response, he did the same to my fingers, not exactly piercing through, but coming close. Cursing, I jerked my fingers out of his mouth. He was smirking at me insolently. I was furious now. I made the resolve that today was going to be that day that I broke that audacious child.

Before my pet could even take another breath, I slammed three fingers mercilessly into him. He screamed sweetly with pain, and I sneered. Even as I drove my fingers into him, I leaned down to kiss my pet roughly, raping his mouth with my tongue.

Finally, I let go, both of us gasping for breath. I glanced down to see how my pet was coming along. He was fighting, so hard, but I knew how to deal with that. With my other hand, I began stroking my pet until he was a hard as I was. But this was only the beginning. Over the next 10 hours, I would have no mercy, show no pity, until my wretched pet begged me for it.


My pet lay on the floor naked and shivering, soaked in his own blood. I stood over him, whip in hand. "Please," He begged, voice hoarse from screaming. "Please. Have mercy," I saw him try to cover his face with his hair, but then remember that I had cut it off.

I smirked and said triumphantly, "So, you've finally swallowed your pride." My pet's slender shoulders wracked with dry sobs. "Will you be good now?" He nodded. "Good boy," I said, hanging the whip back up on the wall before picking up my pet's small body. He didn't weigh very much. Maybe I should let him feed more often.

I carried him up to my room, kicking open the door, and heading straight for the bathroom. I put my pet down in the bathtub and turned on the water. I undressed as the tub filled with hot water, my pet whimpering as it washed over his wounds.

He barely had enough energy to move, let alone heal himself. I slashed at my wrist with my fangs and held it up to my pet's mouth. "Drink, chere," I said. He licked and sucked weakly at my wrist. I waited until he was finished before pulling away.

I climbed into the tub across from my pet, already seeing some of his smaller cuts begin to close. After I bathed myself, I did the same to him, tenderly washing the blood, grime and semen off of my beautiful slave, careful to not scrape his cuts. He remained unresponsive, staring with glazed eyes at the sunset beyond the window.

When I finished, I pulled the plug in the tub before climbing out and drying off. I slipped into a pair of pants, then I pulled my pet out of the tub and dried him off, too. He still couldn't walk, so I carried him to the bed and inserted him under the covers. "I'll be back soon, chere," I kissed his cheek softly before I left.

I ate some, told one of my slaves to clean up the back room, and bid my other pet goodnight. If there was anything else to do, I forgot it. It had been a long day.

Back in my room, I was about to get into bed when I saw that my pet was shivering. "Are you cold?"

"Scha," I could barely hear his voice. Smiling, I went and got a blanket from the closet. I pulled the bedclothes back and wrapped the blanket around my abused pet and tucked the covers back up around him.

I got into the bed behind him, wrapping my arms tightly around my pet. I began stroking his thigh and whispered, "You are beautiful, chere," Suddenly, my pet started to cry. I frowned. "What is the matter?" That only seemed to make him cry harder. "I'm sorry I had to hurt you, chere, but you needed to be punished."

"I hate you," I barely heard the broken whisper.

I only smiled. "Hate me all you want, chere, but remember," I put my lips closer to his ear. "Remember that you are mine, and nothing will ever change that."


Note From Rose: I used some Vampiric terms in here. Here is a guide:

Scha: Yes; confirmation.

Chere: A pet name, such as 'love' or 'sweetheart'.