Mind Games

The dark clouds of despair surround me

As fear holds the key to the lock encasing my heart.

Black and white images form and fade away:

My mind works like a television, rapidly switching channels.

Of course, I have already relinquished the remote control.

Now, I bow to fear,

For he is my puppeteer.

Regret swirls in my blood,

And with each beat of my heart

The turbulent flow slithers throughout my entire body,

Reaching to the ends of my fingers and toes.

I am consumed.

In a downward spiral, I plunge into darkness.

I am drowning in a sea of disappointment,

Like a foolish child in the middle of a lake,

Who is caught during a raging storm without a life jacket.

Alas, there is no guardian for me.

For who or what can save someone from the depths of their own treacherous mind?