Use me, abuse me
then disregard me.
Stretch out my body
any way you see fit;
after all, you're a man
isn't it your right?
I am property.
I am procession.
I am female.
has taught me well.
Is rape
your rite of passage?
Tell me,
why have so many passed it?
It is just
the nature of the beast,
or have I
missed something.
Modern women
are paying the price.

Touch me, take me
then punish me for it.
The message written
across my skin,
carved in tiny scars
no one can see:
It's a story
no one listens to.
is silenced.
I am equipment.
I am expendable.
I am female.

Push me, bend me
and try to break me.
Time isn't always kind,
lessons aren't always learned.
You're the teacher,
father, husband, government.
That makes me
the student – wife, mother, daughter:
A citizen of the world.
A used body,
a trained and traded body;
it is the human body.
The story
is our shared experience.
I am flesh.
I am blood.
I am female.
My body
doesn't fit your will,
Our body
won't change for you.