Dropping off the Film of my Life


Car chase, the race never

comes to an end. Halting

begins. Red stop light,

the truckers squel to a

brake skid. Niagra waterfall

feelings, this can't be the

origion. More than letters,

a zeitgeist exploration.

Coffee break, crumbs on the

table, a splash of cream

enhances the flavor. My

neighbor. My brother, don't

smother these rushaways. I

cried today, tried to escape.

Made up my mind, in this

traffic jam extravagance.

What matters most if they

catch him is knowing that

blatant disregard sells all

the attachments. Rabbit's foot

lucky, to have stopped clean

before going hood long into

tragedy. Maybe just saved me

more pain than was evident

in this anchor drop world.