I thought about the Fifty-Five fiction since last month and I've done a collection of it. Some are my friends so please review!

What You've Done (37 Words)

Mirrored minds echo,
Waiting as thoughts mock forward,
Ignoring the conscience,
Forcing through solid walls,
That lay ahead in purity,
Powerful and bold.
None can enter.
No one can leave.
Only I, ashamed,
For what you've done.


In Death's Darkness (55 Words)

Holding hands as darkness drew
No longer in light but sultry hue
Pungent vapours in deathly swirl
Encompasses, their hands unfurl

Blackness engulfs empty shell
Slumped and choked before they fell
Through the darkness a luminous beam
Carries shadows and it would seem
Laughter again can be heard
No more darkness
Free as the bird.


Forgive and Forget (39 Words)

Your words are hollow,
Apologies fleeting,
The damage is done,
Can't curb my weeping,

The wounds reopened,
Memories bleed,
The crack in my armour,
Betrayal of creed,

I swallow the hurt,
Living indebt,
My heart forgives,
But never forgets.


My Secret (55 Words)

He keeps my secret
and guards it well
He is all that lies between
myself and Hell

He won't ever allow
the words to be spoken
They would only lead to
honor being broken

To love him
is a betrayal
To voice it
more wrong
He guards my secret
I've loved him
all along


Warm Wings (55 Words)

Guardian of my woesPatron of my solitude
Protector, mentor
Harness of safety

Guidance and nurturing
In unwavering fold
Makes whole my inner strength
With aura of Harmonious angelic smiles
Rebuilding lost securities
Held deep within your hold

I will stay
Forever here
Encompassed by your
Arms of idyllic tranquility
My guardian of such hopes

-Khairil(My childhood best friend since kindergarten.)

The Child (53 Words)

The cries of this child,
Annoying; making me wild.
The hardly heard laughter,
The child I'm looking after.

Why does she cry?
Underneath that beating heart, what does lie?
Then I saw her little toe,
Where some blood trickled slow.

Next time, I'll try to understand,
And next time...
I will not demand.

-Khairil(He's a pro, lol.)

Moon Trance (50 Words)

Guardian, you are my light, speck of heaven,
Director of passions,
Restrainer of lust,
Pain tormentor in a radiant, beautiful way.
Tonight, you leave behind a hint of gold,
You shine in my eyes.
Such bliss needs resistance,
And I don't need your help.
Please, shine your beam another day.

-Khairil again…he's very good, right?

Epitaph (54 Words)

Crumbling pieces of stone fall to the freshly growing grass, atop the recently turned earth beneath the man.

The words had begun to take on their final shape, the millionth sentence to sum up a millionth life of someone he'd never known.

Who'd carve his own? He'd thought of it already: "What an awful trade."

-Khairil and MyChemistryCascade (Ha-ha. Khairil thought about making another one with me and he kept thinking about trades and gravestones so we've done this together. Ha-ha. It was actually quite funny talking about graves and he kept scaring me. No offence but I hate graves.)

Finally Silence (55 Words)

That's it. Just like that. Keep going

My knife slices into the rear of my head. Blood trickles. Sweat glistens.

Now isn't that better? Don't stop now

I wrench my hand into the flap of skin.

Almost there

The innards squelch in my fingers. I tear them from muscle and tendons.


The machine. Silenced.

-Khairil. This is quite disgusting, though. Eww…

A/N: Well, that's it. I've run out of ideas but I'll put more for the next chap! Khairil, is a pro to come up with short stories. Ha-ha. He is quite annoying actually but very funny. I mean, he sitting beside me is a bad idea. Let's say he'll copy my work, annoy me, scare me, and make fun of me and many more. Lol. But I still survive so it's ok. Like really, 13 years with annoyance from him is really bad. But hey, he's my best friend!

I hope you'll all like it!