I am falling apart.
I am the pieces you put together that never quite fit.
I've kissed you through railings,
with no restraints.
I've been everything and nothing and all that's inbetween.
The arrows all point the wrong way
so follow my directions and stay close to the wall.
I wish my hair was longer.

I took polaroid photos of when we had drunk sex.
because you never remember.
and each photo was as unflattering as the last
but at least I wasn't a liar anymore.
At least not about that.
And you only say you love me after you come
which isn't really a suprise.

This house is haunted with the ghosts of our
arguements and triumphs.
Annoying like a scratched cd or a tape that's
been put next to a magnet.
The only letters I ever get in a game of scrabble spell
so i guess that I really am obsessed.
And that you are right about at least one thing.

I tore up the photos of us in the photobooth
and stuck them back together like a tragic
And you wrote you name over and over on my skin.
We won't ever forget.
And it's the whispering of verses in the dead of the night.
I wear your clothes and cry and
it's then that I'm finally