i left my poker face
in the drawer beside your bed
along with my innocence
you always thought i would, you said
i left my common sense
in the crowd at that show that night
i gave you everything
i surrendered my will to fight
you thought for sure i'd run and hide
(not this time)
baby look outside-
i won't let go
until every last bone in your hand is broken
i won't go home
until every last word in my head is spoken
there is no running from this now (x 2)
i left my mental health
in your hands when i let you win
and you just took it all
that first time i let you in
i gave my spirit up
for your touch and that showgirl shine
now i live without guilt
i will learn to take what's mine
refrain x 1
chorus x 1
i left my soul exposed
at least what was left of it after you
i felt so exposed...
but now i'm fine and i'm coming for you-
there is no running from this now
refrain x 1
baby look outside...
chorus x 1
there is no running from me now