Sameness, Genius

I don't like the word Identity.

Just so you know.

I though you should know.

So I told you.

Don't you feel special?

I told you because that is how I am.

And that is part of my identity.

But I don't like that word.

So we will call it something else.

Ok, what should we call it?

Let's call it hmmmmmm…


But that word is quite long.

Well how about, lets see…


Is that even a word?

Or possibly…


But that is just too bland.

Perhaps 'identity' is the only one.

The only word in this whole great world,

That covers exactly what identity is.

Who you are,

What you do.

Maybe that is why,

Some genius called identity,


In the first place.

Who would have thunk it?

But I still don't like the word.

Just so you know.