I don't want to be beautiful and
Broken anymore I want to be
Pieced back together like a
Puzzle and almost look like I'm
Complete even though I really
Know I'm not but that's just
My little secret tucked into the
Cracks of broken glass that's me

I'm going to hide behind my
Skin and pretend that I don't
Sin because people think I'm
Prettier than I really am and say
I'm so much more amazing than
I could ever be and I don't
Even think I'm humble just a
Mess of what people say as if
I'm really ok I'm really all right
Please don't worry about me

So now I'm all smiles and
Sunshine roses in my hair like
Someone really does care even
If it's all a lie everyone lies and
So do I but let's pretend yes
Let's pretend tonight that it
Isn't true and I'm not me and
You aren't you and everything
Is perfect like it's suppose to
Be bodies drenched in the
Moonlight our skin our
Mirrors and instead of two
There's one or millions I
Don't even know anymore but
There is something more
Than nothing because I can
Almost feel this time almost

My lips are chapped and
Dry waiting for the someones
In life that are suppose to
Replace the no ones of being
Alone and insignificant like
This person who supposedly
Is me but sometimes I want
To be a stranger to who I am
And tell myself that I'm
A sad excuse for a person
Because no one else wants to
Say such things I'm too
Good and kind for something
Like that it could break
Me but no one seems to
Realize I'm already gone and
Nothing could hurt more
Than what's already happened