Madeline was her name, but it nothing for her pride
(Like Little Madeline – hero in small form)
Her words always dripped with distain and sarcasm
Johnny, just waited, knew her soul and that beating organ
Inside and out
Unconditional love for the girl Madeline with her lack
Of hope
Just like the unnamed girl, sitting next to her
Brother on the train
Sister looking out the window, with blank eyes
Scanning the sights
Occasionally mouthing her thoughts silently
Her lips would twitch just slightly
Just like a scratched CD plays in your ears
Tears welling up in the corners of her eyes
If only Madeline could see the sad sight
Maybe she would have stayed for one more fight
Even as her Johnny was ready to let go
She knew,
Enough was enough
This world has too much pain for Madeline's heartache