Mommy, where do the birds go

Mommy, where do the birds go

When the winter turns cold

And leaves fall to the ground

In yellow and orange gold?

Mommy, where does the snow go

When spring comes to town?

Does the snow die

When rain falls to the ground?

What happens to the sun

When it sets at night?

Where does it go?

Will it be alright?

Mommy, where is the moon

When the sun starts the day

When the world wakes up

And the trees, they wave?

Mommy, what are flowers for?

They brighten up the ground

In the forest, in the field

Beauty without a sound.

Mommy, what is the wind?

Is it pretending or for real?

It whistles through the treetops.

But air is all I feel.

Mommy, where did you go

When you slept that night?

Daddy says you went to Heaven

Where you have wings of white.

Mommy, where are you now?

When will you come home?

Daddy says you're always here

Watching us from clouds of foam.

Mommy, what is goodbye

Is it just something you say?

Or did it mean more

When you went away?