There's nothing special about me
She whispers into the cold air
Icicles crushing her lungs it's
So hard to breathe and she wonders
What would happen if she just

People tell her she is amazing and
She really wants to believe it
Because it would make her feel
Sunshine instead of rain inside her
Mind but she can't have faith in
Such statements when there is
Still that one person who needs to
Admit that she isn't as beautiful
As the words he sprang from his
Violent mouth made her think

She hates and loves herself like
If she could die she would but
A part of her doesn't want
To because maybe there is
Something inside her that's
Different but of course she's
Different but everyone knows that
Because she doesn't belong with
Anyone or anywhere even
When they try to make her feel
Nothing works because she
Wasn't made for people she is
Damned to be alone with the
Voices of imaginary people singing
Songs of lovehatekissesdie in her head

The world's crashing around her and
She wants to talk to someone who
Wants to know her but she knows that
Even in this dead time it doesn't
Matter they will eventually find out
Just how broken and misunderstood and
Freakish she really is but it's ok she
Whispers to herself a lies just so she
Can pretend things are ok and somehow
She almost believes they are and can
Almost do the thing she needs to
Do but even as bombs fall
She just can't do it she just can't