Just be warned. This poem sucks. Read and review, I don't even care.

I almost smiled this time
I almost dreamed
I almost decided to make you
A little more than you seem

But I know I'm stupid
You live a lie
And I wish that I could just
Watch as you die

You've made me this
Empty and cold
With burning ice anger that
Wants to unfold

I hate love and life
What I really need
But I'd rather kill you and
Live with that evil deed

I'm not bruised
But it still hurts
Like you punched my soul
Right into the dirt

And now I can't feel
I'm just worthless
Even with those paintings I
Can't seem to confess

That I could be beautiful
And I don't want to be
Or maybe I do because
Then it would be you not
Me that is the problem

But I still think you're better
Than me sometimes and I
Hate that because you aren't
You're more evil than evil
Itself and the funny thing is
You really aren't and this
Poem sucks but I don't even
Care anymore nothing matters
Anymore it's just a little
Bit of my heart cut out and
Smeared on a page so it doesn't
Really matter you taught me
That one thing at least
That one thing