The Reckoning


Don't believe what you see, it's just the dark playing tricks with you.

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound… that saved a wretch like me…" the young woman's voice echoed off the rusty walls of the basement as she sang.

Her knees were drawn tightly against her chest; her black hair clumped around her face, but her green eyes shown through the darkness. The green for her meant sadness.

"I once was lost… but now… am found… Twas blind… but now I see…"

"Shut up, Tess!"

A door above the stairs flew open and golden brown eyes glared at her through the darkness. The mans hand move from its place on the doorknob and moved towards the light switch, threatening to turn off the small amount of light she had left.

"Please, don't!" she begged trying to jump forward to stop him, the chain around her stomach stopped her though, and she flew backwards.

"You really should have thought about the consequences before you decided to make yourself a disturbance."

"Skyler, please!" Tess begged walking as close to him as the chain would let her. "Please, you have no idea what it's like!" tears fell from her eyes.

He thought for a moment and slowly made his way down the steps. "Then you know what you have to do to regain trust, right?"

"Yes," she whispered slowly. Tess was already on her knees before he reached the bottom step.

She lost another part of her soul that night.