I may gorge my eyes in black;

Shower my wrists with silver chains

Breathe in a sense of peace

I may seem to be elated

A glutton of happiness and joy

But every wrinkle on her face

And every gray hair on her head

Scream back at me reflections

I can't help but hate her

I can't help but dwell

And I couldn't help but let out a cheer

As I saw her first tear fall

I can't help but to remember

Her stale breath speaks out my mirror

And whispers death down my neck

But all you see is bright colors

Candy-coated lies

A smile on my lips

You see the beauty in my appearance

My giddy cover-up

You watch me unwind my long stories

Press replay again and again

You drown me out with your gaze

I can't help my senseless words

I can't get off of my stage

This deathbed has become my home

A blanket over me

Acting is my destiny

The only thing to keep my friends

As I'll always feel the past

And the silence beating me