HI!!! this is another one of my poems :) and please review because i love reviews. This is about me trying to say what i really want to my heart i know it might sound soppy but its true and i cant write anything that doesnt come from my heart or it isnt my work(if you know what i meen) anyway smile :)

I have started slow to pick up your hurt,

I know you feel like dirt,

I know that you cry at night,

And yes I do know I'm right,

I know you smile during the day,

But at night you pray,

That you don't have to act happy another day,

And how do I know this you might ask my dear friend,

Because it's happened to me,

I know you don't want to be,

The happy, funny and the loving girl all the time,

I know you're not fine,

Even if you tell me you are,

You hate always being the happy little star,

Talk to me,

You can tell me anything,

You can tell me EVERYTHING!

Maybe I could help,

And not just say your fine,

Maybe I could help you see all the signs,

Of where you need to go,

But I can't do everything thing no,

If I do what's the point of living,

With mistakes,

We have to make,

So my dear friend,

I will be here till the end,

And remember this,

Life will never be bliss.