Once Upon a Midnight

By Crowerd Robinson

Once upon a midnight

While walking up the stairs

I spied a plastic Jesus man

Protecting his lair;

When asked about the Devil,

He gazed into my eyes,

And said, "Don't worry, son,

It's Christmas I despise."

Once upon a midnight

While sitting in the shed

I conjured a demon master

High above my head;

He peered into my spirit

And brought forth my desire:

"If it's light that you crave,

Surrender to the fire."

Once upon a midnight

While reading bits of lore

I climbed up into the attic

Yet found the cellar door;

A devil was there resting

And dreaming of the earth –

Full of constant power,

Awaiting his rebirth.

Once upon a midnight

While hanging from a noose

I flew up towards the moonlit sky

And set the blackbirds loose;

A liar remained hidden

Behind a wall glass –

Hating truth and knowledge

Residing in the past.

Once upon a midnight

While contemplating death

I slit my wrists and drank my blood

And tried to hold my breath;

The Reaper came as promised

And sucked away my soul –

An ending to the hour

The start of ash and coal.