Constantly refuses to acknowledge selfishness and insensitivity

Limiting contact with abstract sensibility

The least we know or accept the easier to forget

To move on

It's a fact that we don't realize the amount of hurt

The pain

That we inflict on those we love

For selfish gain

Ignoring the heartbeat ting inside

Only envisioning the future ruled by pride

Shortsighted is out commitment to true endearing

Eternity is at the most a moment of freedom dreaming

When awakened to the truth of life

We regress regretting the years of represses



Fear that spurred this situation

While in our minds we remain innocent of all charges

When its our hearts that brought the charge against us

Always refusing to go along with painfull intrusions

On others friends relations associations

Disbarred disarmed before our peers

throwing up walls to defend against hungry leers

which in reality is the gaze of concern

that outreaching arm to embrace not harm

but we don't know or wont acknowledge the love

only lash out and push it further afield

surrounding ourselves in nothing

emotionally dead striving for our own happiness

on the hands of those who give

so that we may have this peace

Conscious mind relives the defeatist mentality

But the heart within me beats on

Drawing forth the strength of countless kalpas

Eternities of bodhisattva heritage

inherent in every waking moment

these are my histories

the lives I've lived inside my soul

ever moving forward

fed by karmic conditions

underlying the ultimate vision

the law

permeates my every ember

sets my mind aflame

victorious I shine like an emblem

delivering myself from all pain

all suffering I suffer

of pleasure I'am pleased to know

every moment I take in breath

every moment I drink in eternal blessings

protected on all side

shoten zenshin guide me

watch my steps

that I may not falter or be led astray

keep me on the middle way

to eternal paradise evident in my everyday life

I glimpse it between every breath

Every blink of my eye brings me closer

Let the treasure tower rise again in this life

Let my lotus flourish all the longer in this stagnant land

Purify the pestilent residence at hand

And deliver me

Free of enemies

Free of negative causes

Free of hell

Free of hunger

Free of animality

Free of anger

free of humanity

free of tranquility

free of learning

free of realization

free of bodhisattva

to the ultimate goal

which encompasses all

perfect freedom

enlightened to the ultimate truth

the pure land within


Let it be understood that its within me now

Even though iam suffering

In pain or pleasure

measure against the good ive done

a pound of anger equals a karmic ton

no leverage can buy my freedom or absolve my sins

only this my heart my soul my life remains

so let it glow

like a lotus seed created two thousand years ago

throw it it the mud and watch the miracle grow

nothing can kill this power

defeat this spirit

let it be my cause my effect

my beginning and end

everything my hand touches shall turn to metaphorical gold

priceless as life is inherent heritage of the law

I looked into my mirror this morning and this is what I saw


copyright © 2007 by Nat Forbes