Circles (nyoze honmak kukyo to)

- it is like having consistency from beginning to end

Open up my door to the trolls standing by it

Asking if I know this chick that got hit

And I shake my head in ignorance

Hoping that it aint my fam cause I cant take this

365 im suffering clinging to the basics of this ghetto living

praying daily that good fortune will find me

may faith blind me to the situation I was born in

I feel like giving up and let my soul die burning

Hell aint what it used to seem to be

As I walk these streets I know deamons watching me

Hungrily striving for a better living

The Animality in their eyes telling me to give in

But it aint that easy to give up in humanity

Anger feeds the passion I live on

Mad cause reaching Heaven shouldn't take this long

Learning from the past I know I cant go wrong

One day ill Realize what drives me

Gain the wisdom to unearth the bodhisattva inside me

The ability to discover the true path is to see

With my third eye that troubles wont last

Eventualy the Buddha within will awaken (inside me )

And extinguish all the flames of negativity

With a wave of powerful energy that serves to disperse

The truth of my triad throughout the Universe

With compassion in my heart I start to reevaluate

This place I live in that I've grown to hate

The noisy neighbors that keep me up late

Barking dogs and sirens wail but that's just my fate

To be blessed with people to who I can turn

Those around me though indifferent now

When trouble arise we stand as one

In the face of adversity heartache and pain

I realize that every neighborhood is the same

So tell me who do you live next to

The pastor the priest even they have their feast

the people sovereign so learn to understand

the hood is no different from the gated developments

only difference is that neighbors know each other

generations of families growing old together

it is like having consistency from beginning to end

© 2006 Nat Forbes