When Trisha was done I looked so different. I sat there looking at myself well I think its myself. I now had an emo cut black hair. My new side bangs feel into my face covering one of my eyes.

"Thank you so much I could just kiss you right now" I said hugging her

"Woo now no need to get that excited on me it was no big deal." She said remerging

Through her closet.

"No it is a big deal I have always wanted to be myself and now I am."

"Here put these one we don't want that new cut to mess up those prep clothes. They don't match." She handed me a pair of black tight pants and a black shirt that side 'does it look like I care' I had my make up down black eyeliner and black eye shadow not too dark but it was there.

"Ok we have to go." She said grabbing her bag and walking out of her bedroom door.

"My brothers out side he'll give us a ride" I said following her

"Your brother why is he taking you?"

"Cuz he wants to get used to it since I'm moving in with him in two months"

"Oh" we walked out of her house and I got in the front and her in the back.

"oh my god bruise central just stepped into my car. Do you know what will happen when you get home tonight? He's going to kill you!" my brother said looking at my up and down.

"No he wont I will change back into my prep clothes and tell him the hair is in this year he'll believe me don't worry. Just drive." I said putting on my seatbelt.

"Ok but don't cry to me" he said driving the rest of the way to school.

In the school packing lot I took a deep breath and walked side by side with Trisha. I could here people talking about me. "oh great another emo coming batter lock up the knives" and "who is that she looks Sam you know the popular one."

"Great I know I would get this they know who I am." I whispered to Trisha

"Don't worry if they say you're a poser just say thank you like you always do."

"Oh god I'm going to die." I said walking over to my locker. As I was opening my locker I heard.

"Hey emo bitch get away from my friends locker." I know that voice it was a suppose friend Tina.

"Um this is my locker I think you don't know me." I said I know she wouldn't recognize me.

"My girl was talking to you the cutter's lockers are down there." Tina's boyfriend Mark said

"And I don't think you heard me right I said this IS my locker." I said taking a step to the side of them and walking away.

"Hey see I told you they would mess with you. There to scared we might infect them if they touch us." Trisha said as we walked into homeroom. I sat in my set that I always sit in they would tell me to more all they want but I know they would not recognize me nether the teacher because when he walked in he said. "Oh we have a new student please come up here young lady and say your name." I laughed to my self I can't believe I'm about to do this. I walked up to the front and turned all eyes were on me.

"Um hi I'm Sam Virgin and I'm not new Mr. Mason" I said and the whole class gasped at me except Trisha.

"Yeah that's right Sam the slut is now a poser as well WHAT will she think of next." A voice called from the back. It was Andy I know it.

"Well Mr. Fresher since you doesn't seem to like Mrs. Virgin why don't you to work through that during detention." That teacher said

"WHAT!" I said sitting up in my seat. "No please don't make me be with him in a room all by myself." I said

"yah cuz if you were you would most likely want to fuck me the and there." Andy said

"Screw you Andy." I through back

"THAT'S enough both of you have detention and that's the end of it." Mr. Mason said and then writing on the board. Great nice start to the year I can't wait to be in the same room and alone with Andy. Maybe he'll see that I'm not that bad, ha yeah right I'm sure he's just waiting to be with me.