I'm secluded from the public

Only seen in the private eye

I feel alone and awkward

So much to make me cry

I try to be social

But I fail every time

Some people act like I'm a disease

Or that I'm covered in grime.

They'd stare and gossip

About my lonely soul

They chew me up and spit me out

And I have to put myself back to whole

No one really knows what it's like

To be me and only me

They say 'I know' over and over when I cry

But I'm a very hard person to be

I wanna break free

And live my life

Alone or not

And not in strife

A/N:LALALALALALALA. This has so happened to me before xD. But I'm not gonan tell you about's one long story. Maybe I'll put it in a story and download it on FP. lmao. Yeah I probably will. Yeah well...R&R Sexi people.

If you love this poem

I love you

-anesthetic paradexx