What Should Have Happened to Him Happened to Me Instead.

Passing over this ancient graveled road, I know

I may not fare so well this journey around.

The forest is alive around me,

Hot and wild and watchful.

My head is detached from my body,

And my body is weight that drags me ever downward

As unseen eyes pass carefully through the noisy brush.

The thud of angry feet against wooden planks surrounds me,

But when I glance back, it is

The shadow sounds of my running heels caught behind my ears.

I slip trough cool stone pillars,

For I have reached the secret city.

But suddenly,

A pair of banded eyes is staring me down,

And I spin and dash away,

I've reversed myself so quickly

That the world has spun in on itself and I can only marvel

At how different things look from a new angle.

With those tunnel-black eyes haunting me,

My fears make me vividly aware of the croaks and squawks

Of a wild alien land that is so unwelcoming.

A deathly rattling, clicking sound fills the air,

Drums as dry as bones and in rattle, swirling ever around,

Slow and deliberate, matching my pounding heart.

The witch doctor laughs behind the trees,

And the hollow beat carries on from every direction in anticipation.

I'm running now, fast.

But my feet are lead, and my predator is so swift behind shades of green.

Enclosed in a clearing, feral flames lap up around me,

And wild cries fill my ears, threatening my brain to implode.

The savage drums and rattles and bells reach their pinnacle,

The terrible laughter and ancient language surrounds me,

And suddenly the untamed Earth stands up straight

Or I am falling down upon it

Through a haze of red and gold

In which foreign faces flit.