bitter lullaby

this is my bitter lullaby of imperfect melodies and fractured dreams
my harmony is just discord in disguise—
to ease your noble sense of conscience
—listen to my saccharine words of agreement,
within them discontentment is slowly stirring
a restless breeze ruffling through the pages of this lonely night
the stars seem dimmer than when i met you, and the sickle moon dangling
like a cradle, hangs precariously between disaster and delirium
the wind fiercer now, rocking you to sleep, baby
woven silences of all those words left unsaid
they lean too heavily on my fabricated lies
waiting for my bow, my mask, to splinter and snap
when i fall from this tree again:
i will take you with me for the very first time
our eyes finally open and my stagnant soul breathing
down we will come, cradle and all