She laughs into the wind like
She really knows how to smile
Pretending that she is a star
Up in those galaxies the places
She longs to swim in explore
The secrets places hiding along
The universe's body with
Legs sprawled in the darkness
Lips touching planets and a
Billion starry eyes blinking
Daring her to drink in the unknown

There are bruises underneath
Her skin but its ok she
Pretends and smiles with her
Imperfect mouth cracked lips
Deceiving everyone so caught
Up in their own melody that
They don't even know she longs
For salt-smeared tears to run
Along the curves of her cheeks
All the way to her knees but
She can't even spare a drop though
Her life seems to go on

She paints her nails white like
Lilies for dead people but no
One's ever died around her she's
Such a poser thinking she could
Really hurt like other people what
I pathetic excuse so she paints
Them black for the darkened
Sky in her mind and ignores the
Stares from the boys and girls
Whispering about all the things
The everythings they don't know

She sips on green tea and licks
Bloody dreams off her fingers
Tasting silver rings that make
Indents on her tongue and hates
To remember the past but does
It anyway because mistakes
Weren't made to be made
Again just another sin that
Lingers on her skin like a gray
Plague overtaking her world

She buys dresses and spins
Around like she could be
So beautiful with diamond
Raindrops in her hair kissed
Off by sunlight and her
Hair would become a red
That no one could deny but
Nothing ever changes and
Her life so mediocre stays
The same but she's all right
She will stay ok

Sometimes she pretends that
Someone wants to sit on
Rooftops with her talking
About nothing and everything
Not even tasting but drifting
Into dreams of starlight that
Blow against their heads and
She would think to herself that
This wasn't really nothing it
Was no fantasy buy really
Love even more than affection
More than dissatisfaction but
Blinding happiness but boys
Lie and the roof is smooth
With rain while clouds
Mask her soul lit stars

She writes bad poetry with
Tasty words that mean nothing and
Not enough emotion thinking
Without seeing or feeling anything
Because nothing is everything when
You don't have the thing you
Need because she doesn't make
Sense to the world and she doesn't
Think she really wants to be
Nameless and without blame or
Hate just a picture on a wall a
Forgotten memory you can almost
Recall but something stops you
Before the light brightens and
You just see a face that's really almost
Faceless people without names

She just wants to be alone and
Deserted sometimes like she
Feels like she deserves but
The sun always shines again and
Another day means another sin
But she gets up anyway and
Not for him or them or anyone just
To know that it was her choice and
Somehow things seem a little less
Gone than she once thought they were