Hi!! this was written by me but about one of my friends. She is sick of everything and thinks everything is bad so one day she talked about it to me and i write this on how she felt because i think every one needs to know what some people are thinking these days!

anyway keep smiling :) love TeArS oF tHe HeArT

I'm not happy,

Inside I feel so crappy,

My heart never heals,

I wish my doctor would describe some pills,

To ease my aching pain,

To realise the bounding chain,

I'm tired of pretending,

That I'm a happy, enjoyable girl,

I need some one or some thing to hold,

I need some one to tell me I'm gold,

All the time I act and lie,

My soul it slowly dieing,

At night I some times cry,

And say how I really feel inside,

I want someone to tell these things to,

But no one would understand me,

Because hardly anyone knows the real me,

How I want to be free,

And how I long to jump with glee,

But not as a lie no,

My friends wouldn't take this,

They say I'm having a teenager fit,

And explain how I'm over reacting,

I'd give anything to want someone to understand me,

And I'm sick of feeling happy,

All I really want is my family,

To make me feel so happy,

My friends can make me laugh yes,

In that way they are the best,

I want to run to no where,

It's not because I'm scared,

Because I hate every ones screams and yells,

I don't want anymore to feel negative stuff,

I don't want to explode,

And to stay in anger mode,

Now I have written this,

I am happier then before.