my dad and mum had fights when i was 3 and my sis only a year old. He left ect...then he visited and called but when i was 6 he stopped calling and visiting so this is what happened when he left and how i feel anyway keep smiling :) love TeArS oF tHe HeArT

Dad why did u leave?

My sister, my mother and me,

My sister how could you make her cry,

Make her heart and soul die,

Why did you stop visiting us?

Making everything a fuss,

Why did you leave us alone?

Why didn't you answer that phone?

Why did you make all those silly promises?

That train set you said was ours,

Why did you leave me to drown?

Into my own sad tears,

Why didn't you come back after all these years?

Why did you give me that teddy bear?

If you didn't even care,

Why did you make grandpa take your place?

Why can I still see your face?

In my own reflection,

I have grown so much,

I loved you so much,

Now I don't know if I could ever forgive you,

I looked at what I did though and though,

It was so long ago,

Thinking about you makes my tears flow,

If only you had known,

I can still remember the day you stopped calling,

How my sister and I cried for days,

We were only so young,

Why do I still see you in my dreams?

How every one screams?

I wake up upset,

Now I hate you,

I hope what you know what you did,

To lose a daughter you never really knew.