These are some random sentences that my three brothers and I came up with. Please ignore all the spelling mistakes; we had to mess up some words in order to make them work for what we needed. Basically, the first person will say a word, then the next, and then the next and so on until one person decides to end the sentence. This is what we came up with:

All bananas that live are sideways, weird and unusually random.

Power plants in Arizona work less on Friday unless it's Wednesday or Monday.

Whenever pigs are surly they get quickly slaughtered and sold per ounce.

Lame donkeys eat wacky fish who sing loud obnoxious duets, but goats like to smell weird things.

Juicy monkeys are sitting sideways and leather interior is soft and comfortable like you.

Cows eat candy and corn with cardboard covered plastic explosives.

Only using 'a' and 'm': Mustard announced melancholy advantages, met annoying monkeys. Approximately millions ate muddy artichokes.

Only vowels: Empty our ugly inner-tubes or else Alex eats us!

Only using 'b', 'c', and 'd': Billy's camera died before Candice bought Dad's belly button.

Every letter of the Alphabet in order: Alexander blew candy down Elephant's fiendish guts. Hold it, Jimmy! Kinigets loaned money Nancy owned. Pizzas quacked Rachel's sour tarantula under Vicky's wild, Xylophone-yakking, Zedediah.

The Entire Alphabet:

A: Alligators are affected affluently at an arbitrary announcement.

B: Bubbly bombs bumped bristling, bulbous bulldogs.

C: Cats can't cut curly convex cords.

D: Dilapidated damsels don't dare do dumb deeds.

E: Enormous elephants envied Eeyore's enefable earrings.

F: Finicky felines fell farther for free food.

G: Gruesome gorillas gathered great, green, gooey grooms.

H: Hysterical Hungarian Hula-dancers haggled Henry's henchmen.

I: I intoned inebriated idolizers in Istanbul.

J: "Jolly jumping Jehosephats! Jordan joyously juiced Johnny Jameson!"

K: Khaki kangaroos killed Koala's kinigety kids.

L: Loud lucky Leprechauns lassoed leaping lexicons.

M: Mexico's manly masons must muster Mustard.

N: Never neglect negligent nuisances nor noisy needling noodlers.

O: Orion's orange Oliphant originally originated over Olivia's own optimistic ostrich.

P: Peculiar pipsqueaks poke precariously pictured pessimistic pigs.

Q: Qwerty queried Quirinius' queer, quiet, questioning quarry.

R: Rainbow rainforests reluctantly released rabid, round rodents.

S: Silly Samuel sunk several short, slightly-sloppy, sea-bidden, snotty sharks.

T: Tiresome turtles tugged tirelessly to trail them through Toronto.

U: Unless Uncle Uriah unlocks ugly Ursula's unlucky unicorn, Ursula undoubtedly undoes underwear.

V: Victor's victory vamoosed Veronica's vacuum.

W: Weird Wanda won't wire wacky Wally's woolly watertight waterbuffalo.

X: Xavier's xenith xylophone xhilerated Xena's xoomerang.

Y: Yodeling yellowbellied yaks yellowed Yolanda's yams.

Z: Zooming Zebras zipped zippily, zilching Zoƫ's zoo.