More Random Sentences:

Wind is cold and vicious and evil, while the abnormal freak is eating pizza.

A) Always after annoying angry armadillos ate artichokes.

B) Bananas bounce because Bobby blew big balloons.

C) Cameras cough continuously counting connected crackers.

D) Dogs deem dirty, dangerous duds.

E) Excited eagles emitted elongated effective ears.

F) Fried frogs feel fine for five flies.

G) Grey grullas galloped grandly, growing green, grumpy grass.

H) Hamilton's hungry hippos hallucinated happy horses.

I) Insistent insects infect icky Israelites in Italy.

J) Jokers joked jollily, just juggling jumping Jehosephats.

K) Kind kangas kan kook kareful, karmel karrots.

L) Lilies like little licking lemons.

M) Melons make more minds.

N) Nancy nicked Nick's new, nice, nickel nerf.

O) Olaf ordered orange ogled ogres.

P) Pickled pumpkins pump precariously-placed porcupine plums.

Q) Queen's quiet, quirky, quick quotes quouldn't qount qorrectly.

R) Random ransacked Randall's; ranked right rongs.

S) Stacey sighed silently, so she spoke so sweetly.

T) Tow trucks tore Tom's tonsils to try tiny tornado tomatoes.

U) Umbrella umpires unearthed unreal underwear underneath upside-down uniformed UFO's.

V) Vincent vacuumed Veronica's violent, violet violin.

W) "Wagons, wheelchairs, wallabies." Wise Wisenheimer wondered why Wally wanted wone.

X) Xavier X-ceeded Xena's X-pectations.

Y) You yellow yaks yodeled yonder yams.

Z) Zephyrs zipped Zach's zebra's zoo zipper.

I as school from went.

My able sandals bit with dead kind.

Stands straight, flapping down.

Her hand world.

The thought promising, unnerving.

Outside, Lace's dinner indeed to tea at Seagull's hands.

Yeah, these are really random. lol! It was mostly my friend Grace and I that did these, though my mom pitched in a little. Hope you liked them!