Satin Eyes and Sinful Hugs

Caressing bodies and butterfly kisses

Satin eyes and flustered cheeks

Your hands grasp mine so violently

Our bodies touch the cotton sheets.

You breathe vehement, deep sweet breaths

The warmth from your body heats mine.

The moment I feel the power of your sweet embrace

The adrenaline in me becomes alive.

Our shirts come off: skin is bare

I love the feel of your soft hair

Our bodies entangled with one another

You playfully twirl around in the covers.

The sin of it all is breathtaking

Yet, I love the thrill of it all

Burn my skin with your touch once more

And send me into the seraphs of heaven

After all the damage is done,

Let us dream for more to come,

The best thing about all of this

Is lying in your arms.

I love your satin eyes…