My alarm clock started blaring as the glowing numbers blipped to five in the morning. I made no avail to try to stop it. Without a single passing thought, I just let it ring. I was more focused on other matters. Matters like the fact my room felt like a boiler room, the fact that I was having a hell of a time breathing normally unlike my quick, whimpered gasps, and finally the fact that I was pressing my groin into the mattress as hard as I could to relieve the throbbing. Nope, the insistent blaring had no effect on me right at that moment.

As a fever to the mind, I stared groggily yet oddly warily at the clock. It said five o' five and the small letters in the top right corner read February 1st. "Shiiiiiit…" I groaned low and long as my body tensed up again as I applied pressure to my sensitive area. "Always these days. Why today? Why?" It didn't change anything to complain. The thing was happening. Nothing could change that. "I might as well go through with it." Letting my flushed face touch the pillow again, I felt a small wave of coolness flow through me. Only for a second, though.

Gathering the rest of my strength, I slammed my hand down on the clock and sat up. The covers slid off my back and I instantly felt a little cooler. Thank you… Only, the growing heat down below wasn't receding anytime soon. I stared down at him, seeing him peek just barely out of the top of my boxers, dripping a little already with need. Glaring slightly, I hissed at him, "You're a selfish jerk, you know that?"

"Talking to ourselves, I see?" A voice spoke to me in the dark. It was coming from my window.

Sighing angrily, I looked over at my older sister with eyes filled with intense loathing, "Layla, you can be out for as long as long as you wish, go wherever you wish, do whatever you wish but come in my room!" She always climbs through my window. Why my window? Why not hers?

"Oh hush little brother," she laughed half-heartedly with her well-practiced seductive smirk. With cat-like grace, she left the window and came toward me. I didn't flinch at all as she sat on the bed beside me and hugged me with her head on my shoulder. Some of her crimson locks slid down my chest. "It's the day, isn't it?" I felt my desires ebb away and yet I could only nod. Her hug tightened around my chest, "I'm so sorry brother. It's just not fair to you, is it? You'll never be like us, will you?"

She knew no true knowledge of why I was so tense in her grasp. I was hoping to keep her from seeing my front, just praying she wouldn't see my throbbing need. Wasn't I already suffering enough that morning? What she was guessing my problem was something of an entirely different matter that did somewhat tie into this nuisance of mine.

Shrugging, I stole a glance at the family portrait beside the window, "Maybe not." In the painting was my sister, Layla, Mother, Father, my two older brothers, but not me. They kept this painting in my room as a constant reminder of the terrible truth that was revealed a long time ago.

"I'm sorry," her words were hushed.

Feeling the last of the heat leave, I shook her off, "Yeah yeah. I hate that mushy stuff. Get out of my room." She let go, smiling, and walked to the door. I didn't look at her as I itched my arm, "And don't tell mom or dad, okay? They still don't know my days." Sparing a look at her, I just saw her smile as she left my room, leaving me alone in the darkness.

Stumbling around the dimly lit room, I searched for my clothes. The school uniform was a total pain in the ass! "Shirt, shirt, shirt. Where in the hell is-ah hah!" Picking up the white shirt, I smelled it quickly then threw it away, holding my nose in disgust, twitching slightly. "Who does the laundry around here?! Oh yeah…Me." Digging through the closet, I found another plain white shirt then grabbed the black vest.

Boys wore a very formal looking black vest, white shirt, black pants attire. Girls wore the long black skirts that reached their knees with white satin long-sleeved blouses. I've seen worse though, and been in worse. Guy and girl clothes.

Something warm and furry rubbed up against my bare legs, making me jump slightly "Who? What?" I looked down and saw a pair of feral green eyes staring back up at me. It was our cat. His sheen black fur making him a sleek stalker of the night. "God, Rai. I told you not to sneak up on me like that." Just to annoy him, I grabbed my lamp and aimed the bulb for his eyes. His pupils glowed a vibrant red then he turned to leap onto my bed. Setting the lamp back on the table, I turned it off. The light always gave me a little bit of a headache.

"I don't have time to shower, do I?" The clock beeped as it read six o'clock. "Nope. Crap." I combed my messy hair as I stumbled out my room with my pants only halfway on. No one was in the halls, so I was spared. Well, it wasn't as if common decency was really a matter around here. My family knew no sense in bodily boundaries and it rather got on my nerves. I don't and never do need to see my mother or sister walking around in the nude or half-nude! Even though I already have. Bleh…

There was no need for breakfast as I walked down the main stairs do the front doors. I looked back up the stairs to the empty halls over the rails then glanced down the lonely, barren room. This place was massive, almost as big as a manor maybe, because it had to be. We had big family meetings occasionally on some special nights. Not that I really want to get into that. My family was something else. Let's just stick with that and no one gets hurt. Literally.

Opening the great doors, I hoisted my backpack on and whispered a meager, "Bye." Then left without a second glance at the room. It wasn't as if anyone were to see me off. Not even my older sister who seemed to be the only one nowadays to show me at least an inch of kindness. "She's probably sleeping now." Sighing, I nodded at the thought of just crawling back in bed and sleeping through the day. "I mean, why not? It's not as if I need to go to school. No sense in it. It's just a waste of my time."

As I walked down the loose-graveled path to the main road, I stared up at the sky and witnessed the metamorphosis of the deep, enigmatic night sky begin to lighten to a powdery blue splashed just lightly with a rosy pink. The day seemed already perfect and I could only begin to complain even more. Today was supposed to be the day I got up the courage to do it. To do the thing I've been trying to do all year long! The thing, even with my special condition, I'd throw myself to the ends of the earth to achieve!

"Kokuei-kun?" Kinku stood over me.

Half-asleep and dreading ever coming to school, I was thinking about ignoring her, but I knew I'd pay for that with possibly my life. Sitting up in my seat, I kept my head dipped as I tried to no avail to calm myself down. My body was incredibly tense as I thought of disgusting things to make it go away. Layla naked. Mother naked. Kinku naked. That Toya person naked. Um, uh, a dead squirrel! Damn it! "What is it Kinku-chan?" Go away. I don't need this. I peeked at her through my bangs as I took quick gasping breaths. My hands slithered numbly to my crotch, but I pulled them away quickly and slammed them against the desk.

Everyone in the room stared at me as it grew silent for a moment. Suddenly, everyone in the room was back to their mindless, bubbly talks. I was always the one acting twitchy and weird I suppose, so when I did stuff like this their attention was only drawn for no more than five seconds. As useful as that was, I really didn't like to be pinpointed as the weirdo. It just sort of…happened.

Slowly, Kinku kneeled and smirked coyly at me, "Up all night with dirty dreams again?" With her amber eyes burning with that mischievous glow, I could only try to subdue a blush as I stared back at my lap. "Ah hah! Ko-kun, you're so dirty!"

"Enough with the pet names, you moron. Or must I bring up Kinky Kinku Kuro-chan again?" That nickname she got was somewhat hilarious. It was a Halloween party gone array.

She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me toward her face, "You do and I swear to god I'll tell everyone in the school about your little crush." Her top lip was curled back just slightly as if to bare some fangs.

"You wouldn't dare," I hissed back just as dangerously. Except, you know, I actually had some fangs to bare.

Her brown bangs bobbed in front of her eyes, "Try me." She tapped my fangs so I closed my mouth.

Shit, she would. Going limp in defeat, I pressed my forehead against the cool surface of the desk, "Fine, I won't."

She patted my head and giggled, "Good boy."





"Hey, that's going too far."

Her grin grew innocent, "Fine. Gay boy. How about that?" She then turned away from me to start talking with her friend Krystal, but I so wish she could see the glare I was giving her.

Hate. Hate. Hate. I hate her. I'll kill her. Kill her good. Like with a rock or something. Closing my eyes, I was thankful I wasn't excited anymore, but I knew it'd keep coming back until I took care of the problem. One way or another.

An elbow jutted into my side and I went to shout at the person, but Kinku's hand cupped my mouth as she pointed to the sliding doors, "Kane-san is coming." I yanked her hand off my mouth as I sat erect just in time to see Kane walk in with the teacher. Maybe it was noticeable, but I knew I had a smile on my face because Kinku's was giggling madly. "Aw, this is soooo cute!"

"Shut up." My eyes were on Kane. He stood at a decent height of six feet two inches with perfect short strawberry blond hair. His attention was drawn over in our general direction and I was able to see his gorgeous, vibrant chocolate brown eyes. I want hot chocolate now. Maybe I'll invite him over sometime for hot cocoa… When his attention was pulled away to the teacher again, I nearly melted him my seat as I was sure he looked at me. "Kane-kun." Now I knew I was smiling, or grinning. /FONT

Kinku was giggling madly as Krystal stared dumbly at me. She looked to Kinku with lost puppy eyes, "What's so funny? Kin-chan?"

"Nothing nothing. Trust me."

"All right students, time to start class." Ms. Sate stepped in front of the black chalkboard. Her light brown hair was tied up in a bun today. This meant she had a date tonight. Goodie. That also meant she was going to let us have all hour of free time.

Kane made his way down the neat aisle of desks to his seat in the back corner by the window. He passed me on the way and I couldn't help but stare with a distant smile. We only sat two rows down from each other. So close and yet we were galaxies away. And I'm not exaggerating either. As much as I yearned for him, it just could never be.

"Stand!" Kinku called out and we all stood. Ms. Sate smiled as she watched her. "Be still!" We stood tall and straight with our hands either by our sides or in front of us. "Bow!" We all bowed. "Sit."

"Good morning class." Ms. Sate greeted us with a warm smile. She was only about twenty years old with calm green eyes. A few of the faculty members have tried dating her, and succeeded, but she shot them down always the next day it seemed. "Everyone pull out your materials and work on homework if you wish. Think of this hour as your study hall." When she finished, she sat down at her desk by the window, pulled out her cell phone and dialed her sweetie-to-be.

"Well, she's out of it today," Krystal mumbled as she pulled a book out of her bag.

Kinku followed suit, "Yep, I wonder who she had hooked tonight."

"I bet it's some stuck up rich guy." My eyes were on the teacher. I was listening in on everything she was saying. The guy was a snob, but he was promising her large sums of money to be his sweetheart. "I never really did picture Sensei to fall for a guy because of his money. Always figured her as a romantic at heart." Kinku and Krystal said nothing as they just stared at me with wide eyes. "What?

A soft chuckle and the faint scent of glacier breeze cologne had me twisted around in my seat with eyes wide open in shock. Kane was standing right behind me! How had I not noticed? "You sure are interesting Miyuki-san." I was slightly saddened when he used my last name instead of my first. My name is Kokuei Miyuki. The kanji for Kokuei meaning "silhouette" or "dark shadow" and Miyuki with the kanji meaning "child of the deep snow".

"Oh, Senpai!" I stood suddenly and bowed in respect. Kinku giggled behind me and I was sure to hit her for it later.

Again, Kane chuckled lightly as he moved some of his perfect strawberry blond bangs from his eyes. Oh his laugh was wonderful and his hair! "No need for that formal stuff. We've been in the same class for a semester already." His eyes flickered to the windows suddenly, his smile faltering. I looked back at them as well and saw an unusual phenomenon. Light, crisp snowflakes were fluttering gracefully in the wind. In that instant, I felt a horrible ping in my gut and it instantly began to travel south. It took me all I had to keep from groaning.

"That's strange. It's not supposed to snow at all this month." Kinku's eyes were wide with joy, though. She loved the snow. I, on the other hand, was trembling madly. The sudden appearance of the snow only meant one thing.

"Sensei!" Slamming a hand on my desk, I raised the other high in the air. "I don't feel well, may I go to the nurse?"

Smiling lightly, she nodded, "Sure. I hope you feel better." Bowing quickly, I thanked her then sprinted from the room.

I raced feverishly down the empty, lonely halls of the school to the elevator. Knowing I'd overshoot it, I slammed my feet down and slid the rest of the way. Once I made it to the big, maroon doors I slammed hard on the down button and waited in silent agony. Everything was a blur to me as I stared frantically in every direction. I was trying to take in big lungful of air, but all I was grasping were tiny insufficient gasps. When the elevator didn't respond, I punched the center of the doors in a panicked rage. It dented with a horrible, metallic groan.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit." Sparing a glance at the window beside the elevator, I saw the snow beginning to whip and swirl in frantic patterns with the howling wind. The sky was dark and ominous. It was horrible and unannounced. The worst thing about the situation was it was my fault it was happening! Collapsing to my knees, I pressed my forehead against the cold steel elevator doors as I held myself steady with shaky arms.

It was happening again, this time it was much stronger. My entire body was tense as I heard the howling wind outside. I felt hot and sweaty again as my member throbbed painfully in my pants. "Damn it." Against my will, I began to whimper loudly, filling the empty hall with my voice.

"Hey, are you okay?" Some boy I didn't know stepped out from around the corner and saw me kneeling in pain with a large dent in the elevator doors. I bet there was something interesting running through his mind. "Hey, guy. Are you okay?" He looked like he was in the same grade as me.

Right then, I didn't care what happened next. There were no classrooms in this hall and barely any students were out during class time. This was my chance. Probably my only chance today to cure myself of this nuisance. "No, I think I broke my hand. Can you see for me?" I tried to keep my voice calm, but I had to sound like I was in pain. No problem there, really.

He stepped up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Sure, let's see it." I shook violently under his grasp and he must have noticed this. "Aren't you going to let me see?" Suddenly, I leaped to my feet as I spun around to face him. In one lightning-fast motion, I had him pinned up against the opposite wall by his throat with one hand. "Dude! What the hell?" He tried desperately to yank my hand off him.

I have to. I have to! It's either this, or I take him the other way…. With a grimace, I leaned forward quickly and sank my fangs deep into his neck. I'm sorry!

When I felt my razor-sharp fangs pierce his soft, warm flesh I couldn't help but moan from pleasure. Pressing my body against his, I started moving in a grinding motion. I was sucking deeply on his neck, drawing in his life-giving blood as my senses flickered like static pricks. Lightning danced across my skin, making me shiver and moan more.

Closing my eyes, I fell into the wonderful sensations. A helpless victim under me, giving into my need, their crimson liquid sliding across my tongue and down my throat. The scent of it all nearly threw me over the edge.

The whole act of it all, the scent, the taste, and feel, it all finally sent me spiraling into a state of nirvana. It was when I was in that state did I finally release with a shuddering gasp and break away from the boy. He dropped limp to the tiled floor as I fought to keep the strength in my own legs. I was quivering as I allowed the last tingling feelings of the moment pass. When it did pass, I felt refreshed and somewhat carefree. Well, except for the fact that I came in my pants. That part I really didn't think through.

As I wiped the remainder of the blood from my lips, I glanced back at the window and saw the sky beginning to brighten and the wind die down. The snow was gone, except for the light sheet on the ground. Once the sun was out it would melt it. This would all just be a distant memory. Just like every other time.

After all, when you're only of partial vampire descent, you had to learn how to cover your own ass.

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