That entire hour, the both of us tried to keep from looking at each other. Every so often, I would shoot her a death glare and then I'd feel her shoot one right back. Kinku had whispered to me that her name was Alex and that this girl was not the new kid she was talking about earlier. For some reason, the new boy had yet to show up for class. It didn't matter anymore, I guess. This girl was annoying enough, and by how well we started out, this year was going to be nothing but misery. Just what I needed. Seriously.

Slowly but surely, the day rolled on and my favorite class had arrived. Gym class! This was probably the only class I could ever really show off in and be somewhat proud in the advantages I had over the other students. Even with my high IQ, this was sadly my only class I was really passing in. Good thing for these super-strung muscles. I'd be dead without them. Only…today's sport was supposedly something I was going to dread. Aside from the whole "getting horny off of every smell thing" thing. Oh no, this was much worse.

"Swimming? Today? Ah man…" I stared wide-eyed at the bulletin board just outside the boy's locker room. This really bugged me. Seriously, I think I could feel phantom tears building up.

Kinku touched my shoulder. "What's the deal? You afraid of water or something?"

"No," I replied pathetically. "I can't swim."

Suddenly, she started slamming her palm into my back as she broke out into a fit of laughter. The bitch! "That's it? That's why you're so scared? What a wimp!" Finally she stopped and I could almost feel the sensation returning to my spine again…Just slightly…

"You know what? You're a whore." Opening the locker room door, I glared at her one last time before closing it.

I heard her laugh and shout, "You know you love me!"

Putting my back to the door, I grimaced. "Yeah, like I love a hangover."

"Change everyone! You have ten minutes to change, shower, and head to the pool!" Mr. Donahue shouted from his office from the eastern end of the locker room. He was a fit, burly man of five foot nine with a nearly bald, reddened scalp. I never really liked him and he never liked me. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I could blow through all of his obstacles without breaking so much as a single drop of sweat. Yeah, maybe that was it. "Miyuki, change. Now!" He shook a finger at me then slammed the door to his office. I swear one of these days he was going to break the glass.

Ah yes, the locker room. A gay's worst nightmare. Especially if you're an abnormally sex crazed maniac at the moment. I still felt a small pang of guilt for the boy in the hall I attacked. It was either bite him or…rape him, and I wasn't about to do the latter. No, the second I give myself away to someone will be with my own free will and my readiness to devote my entire life to that person. Er, or my life and afterlife. Kudos on the whole living nearly forever thing.

"Hey, Miyuki-san, what cha doing over there?" Daichi spotted me leaning over on the bench. His short red hair was wet from just leaving the showers.

I looked up at him and guessed it wouldn't hurt to show it. "Just checking on an old scar." Daichi was kind of my friend. He was here and there, never really doing anything with anyone. "Wanna see?"

He nodded and headed over. "Sure." The second he was beside me and saw it, his eyes widened considerably. "Whoa! How did you get that?" He traced a light finger over the edge of the scar.

The scar was on my right leg and went from my hip and stopped just above my knee. You couldn't see to my hip, though because of my swim trunks. No Speedos for me thanks. There were actually three scars right alongside of each other. They were thick, long, and jagged. I just grinned and replied, "Dog."

His eyes bulged. "Dog? What kind of dog? A werewolf?"

"Actually, yes." I chuckled lightly. That hunt had been fun. My brothers came with and actually turned the thing on me as a prank. Too bad I don't heal quite as well as everyone else.

Slowly, he shook his head and placed a hand on my shoulder. "My friend, you're a little messed up in the head. You know that?"

Nodding back, I joked, "Yeah, I know. We're still trying to get back the blood tests. Werewolf rabies has been known to cause psychiatric problems." He just laughed then walked away. Daichi. Yeah, he was all right.

Finally, I was fully ready, showered, and on my way out to the pool area. It took a lot of willpower to keep from staring too long at the boys who chose not to wear their swim trunks before showering. Amazingly, I wasn't sent to my knees with an overpowering urge to pin one of them and bite them. I'd thank God, but that would be kind of redundant, wouldn't it?

"Ko-kun!" Kinku shouted from across the pool as she exited the girls' locker room. She was waving her arms hysterically above her. Not knowing what to do back, I just waved back feebly. Sometimes, just sometimes, that girl scared me.

We all met at the giant stack of bleachers at one end of the pool area and waited for Mr. Donahue. I sat between Kinku and Daichi and tried ignoring their uninteresting conversation. Something about socks tasting like tofu. I was too scared to ask. My mind was drifting again back to Kane's records. It bugged me considerably that I couldn't get in! I needed to know what they were hiding now! Was he in some deep trouble? Did he do something so bad in the past that they couldn't afford to have anyone find out?

Then my mind drifted to other matters.

What if Kane was in my gym class? I'd be able to see him in his swim trunks. Oh, he must be really athletic. So perfect in the water. Agile. Quick. I wanted to see his unmarked body glistening with beads of water. That would be perfect. So right. "If only…"

"Kokuei-kun?" Kinku poked me shoulder. "Um, you all right?"

Shaking my head, I shook away any naughty thoughts. "Huh? Oh. Yeah, I'm fine."

"Then why are you drooling?" Daichi asked.

"Huh?" I felt my chin and, just as they said, it was somewhat dripping with drool. "Jeez!" Wiping it away, I turned just in time to see Mr. Donahue come into the pool area. He pointed to me and gestured for me to come over--now. "I'll be right back. Mr. Thumb-up-his-ass wants me."

"Ew! Pedophilia!" Kinku screeched at the top of her lungs. Everyone around us quieted and stared at us. Daichi scooted away from us quickly and I could only stare at Kinku with an evident twitch in my left eye. She blushed and laughed. "Oops, sorry. Wrong kind of wanting, huh?"

I could only twitch one more time before walking away from her. She needs help. Seriously! When I reached the teacher, I resisted the urge to cross my arms and scowl. "Yeah?"

"The headmaster wants you. Now!" He grabbed my arm and tried to move me, but I didn't budge. "Miyuki, let's go!"

Pulling my arm out of his grip, I hissed. "What the heck did I do?" The sight of him seeing my sharpened fangs was hilarious. "I did nothing wrong."

He took a half step back, but scowled. "All she said was that she wanted to see you. I got no indication that you were in trouble or not."

So what was with the whole arm grabbing thing? Sighing, I silently thanked the heavens that I wouldn't have to swim. "Fine. Let me go change then." I went to walked past him, but he moved in the way. "Excuse me. Move!" This guy was a newbie from the states. He knew nothing of teacher student respect. So I showed him no respect!

"She wants you there now. You have no time to change." I think I twitched again. "You'll be back by the end of the hour to grab your stuff. Now, off with you!" He shoved me suddenly, but I was quicker than him. I leaned back with the shove then leaped to the right and listened for the splash. "W-wha!" Just as I expected, he followed through with the shove and fell into the pool. I didn't have time to laugh as I sprinted into the locker room and grabbed my things. All I really wanted were my pants. I didn't want to be running around in my swim trunks…

Brother? Brother, are you there? I felt dazed as a faint voice whispered in my mind. Brother, answer me. It was so light, so precise, it was my sister's voice.

I snapped out of the daze and continued walking at a slower pace. Sister? What's up? Why are you still awake? Why are you even awake? She shouldn't be awake. She could get sick. Go to sleep.

No, there's something wrong. Father's ill. I could hear concern in her voice.

"Father's ill?" There was no way. Vampires can't get sick. How is he sick? Like, throwing up?

Of course not! He won't tell us what it is. Her voice was panicked, no matter how calm she tried to sound. He says there's something wrong. Not just with him. Something bad is going to happen. Come home.

I was already walking down the empty halls toward the main office. There were a few teachers stepping out from the corner of the hall. They took one glance at me before looking to each other and rolled their eyes. Oh, it's him. It was written all over their faces. Even if I hadn't read their minds. I guess you could say I was a frequent visitor. Kinku gave me the idea of just having a seat reserved with my name on it. Great friend.

Come home? No. I can't. Remembering my date with Kane, I shot down her request immediately. Well, it wasn't really a date I guess, but it was a meeting nonetheless.

What? Why? She sounded abashed. Family was important for her. Especially since she was a pure-blood. I said come home. Now!

And I said no. I have things to do. I was so catching hell for this later. I'll come home later. Now leave me alone. Blocking out what she had left to say, I stepped into the office and waved to the office helper. "Hey Ms. Momo. How's the family?" Ms. Momo was actually a really nice lady. She was a stout, rosy cheeked lady in her mid forties who loved kids. No matter their age. Everyone treated her with respect because she gave them respect.

"Just fine, thank you," she replied happily. "And yours? Will they finally be attending this semester's parent-teacher conference?"

Leaning against the counter just above her desk, I sighed and hunched my shoulders. "No." I extended the no with a sad drone. "They're off on another business meeting in the States. Sorry."

She puckered her lips in an annoyed frown. "That's three meetings now. Don't they know how to treat their kids?" Her eyes flickered to her computer screen as she typed down some things. "So frivolous, those parents of yours. Not right. I haven't seen them once since you've been here." Ms. Momo had about four kids of her own and she's told stories after stores of them to me whenever I had been called down for some time. She loved her kids, but an accident had happened a few years back and they died. Even though they were gone, she smiled and spoke of them as if they had shown up yesterday.

Whenever she spoke of them in such a way, so loving and caring like, it made my heart ache sometimes.

"You're such a good kid, Kokuei." She patted my head without me even knowing. "You know that? You're a good kid."

Chuckling, I gestured to the room with a roll of my eyes. "Yeah, a good kid. I think I have my own personal record in here."

"So you get in trouble. Doesn't mean you're bad." Her voice was light and bubbly. "It just means you have a few stray hairs to fix. Everyone acts out sometimes." I couldn't help but grin wide. Her words were always so kind. She was such nice lady. "My, your teeth." Her eyes widened somewhat. My fangs, duh! "You should see a dentist for those."

Stepping back from the counter, I covered my mouth a hand. "Yeah. Sometime. When can I go in?" I gestured to the headmaster's office door.

"When the other student gets here." She went back to typing.

"Other student?"

Slowing in her typing, she looked past me and smiled. "Yes, the new student. He's right behind you actually." Then she raised her voice a little. "You may come in now."

"So this is the main office," a voice said. "It's kind of hidden from view."

Nodding a little, I turned to face the new kid. "Yeah, it kind of is. You'll get used to…it…" The second my eyes laid upon the new kid, I slurred the last half of my sentence.

Ms. Momo greeted him. "You two may take a seat. It'll be about five to ten minutes before she'll be ready for you two. I'll be right back." She got up slowly and walked back into another hall that lead to the staff room.

I was still staring at the new kid, though. My mind veered back a page and I instantly remembered Kinku's words about a new boy who nearly got in a fight with Kane. A black and red haired guy with sharp eyes. I had yet to see him, but now here he was. Standing right in front of me.

"Hey." He acknowledged me with a nod of his head, his bangs swishing in front of his right eye. His eyes were a stunning silver. No. Not silver. They were alive! Liquid steel.

Nodding back, I replied, "Hey." This guy. There was something about him--something that even Kinku's description couldn't touch. Something so far from grasping it wasn't even funny. He was so…beautiful. So beautiful, though, that I feared to look upon him for long. I could feel my heart fluttering in my chest. It was so intense! Such a terrible beauty, so fierce, so wicked, so--special. And yet the nuisance in my pants wasn't reacting in any way, which was a blessing let me tell ya.

"Huh. The clouds are gone, the sun is shining, and yet it's drizzling." The new guy was staring out the window. He raised the corner of his lip in a half smile. "Looks happy. Almost giddy even." Then he looked at me with one stunning, uncovered eye and grinned. "You know?" If I had the capabilities to blush at the moment, I would have been a deep scarlet for sure. He was…amazing! He surpassed even Kane.

Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat and I felt a sort of throbbing deep inside of me. It only happened once, but it left me standing there in a daze with my mouth hanging open slightly. I breathed in slowly, my eyes half lidded, and I could feel the air trickle past my fangs as I exhaled slowly. The scents in the room intensified. I could smell the coffee being brewed in the other room, hear Ms. Momo talking about her kids with the other board members, and I swear to god I could taste the odors as well!

"Anata wa yasha desu ka? Fumeiyo." The guy's voice was so sharp. It wasn't like hearing him from outside but almost like how Sister and I communicate--through our minds. I could only stare at him, frozen, as he sneered at me. It was so fierce! Inside I was curling into a ball in fear. Never in my life, even while hunting, have I ever felt this petrified! "Demo, anata wa sekushi desu." He walked towards me.

What's going on? I could only make out a few words he was saying. Japanese was still hard for me to learn. Fumeiyo. Disgraceful. I was disgraceful?

He was right in front of me. "Ai nomondu nifundi." His face was mere inches from mine.

What…That's not…Japanese…

A door creaked open behind us. "Kokuei. New boy. Get in here!"

"Huh?" I stared back at the headmaster dumbly.

She gave me a dirty look. "I said, get in here now!"

My ears still weren't registering what she was saying. That is, not until the new boy touched my cheek and made me look at him. "Better do as she says. She doesn't look too happy."

"When is she ever?" That's when he smiled again. Oh God, what I'd do for that smile.

"You're funny." Then he walked toward the door, leaving me standing there like an idiot.

Feeling like I had just been hit by a train.

All right, long story short. I had just been bitched out by the freaking Headmaster and assigned to guide the new boy through the school--all in one breath. Speaking of the new boy, it turns out his name is Zane. Yes, I noticed it too. I'm not that retarded. Leave me alone.

Well, somewhere between the meeting and the end of the hour, Zane and I split up and I remembered to meet Kane near the front doors. We had our date!

"Where is he?" I asked myself for the tenth time. Every few seconds I would fidget and glance at my watch. It was only three minutes after the bell, but I didn't care! I was going to worry all I wanted! Suddenly, a familiar scent wafted under my nose. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Again, I turned around and saw Kinku about to hit me with her bag, just like this morning.

She threw her arms down in frustration then pointed a finger at me accusingly. "How do you always know when I'm here? I even took off my bells this time! There's no way you heard me!" Suddenly, she had nearly her whole body latched onto my leg. "How do you do it? Are you a robot? A cyborg? A mutant creature! Some kind of alien sent here from space to choose a mate and repopulate your species and breed a whole new kind of super baby? Tell me!"

By now we had gathered a whole crowd of curious spectators. It must have seemed very odd to have some frantic screaming girl latched to an abnormally skinny guy's leg shouting something about aliens and mating. Yeah, I bet it was pretty freaking hilarious.

"Will you get off my leg woman!" I tried kicking her off, but let me tell you she knew how to hang on! "I'm not an alien! Get off!"

"Not an alien, eh?" A familiar voice drifted through the crowd. "I didn't picture you as an alien either." I looked over and saw Kane walking toward me through the crowd. She stopped right in front of me and smiled. "You ready?"

Nodding calmly, I forgot all about Kinku on my leg. "Yeah. I have the money and everything." Heh, pick pocketing rules. "I'm ready to go when you are."

That's when I felt Kinku slide off my leg. She stood slowly, a look of confusion on her face as she stared at me. For a minute, she just stared into my eyes as if she were searching for something, her mouth barely agape. Then slowly, she asked, "You made plans with Kane?"

I didn't understand what she meant, but I nodded anyway and replied, "Well, yeah. I missed his birthday. Remember?"

She looked even more lost then. "Yeah, I remember, but…" Her words trailed off as she titled her head forward a little. I noticed the way her shoulders slumped and her arms just dangled at her sides. She seemed sad about something. Then she twitched, just faintly. Nearly unnoticeable by a normal person. "He made plans…He made plans with Kane. With Kane?" She was mumbling to herself as she shuddered a little harder. I could smell the salt of tears as she mumbled a little more. "But we…But we were supposed to…"

"Kinku-chan?" I touched her shoulder uneasily, only to have it thrown away just as she shouted, "Don't touch me!" Surprised, I backed up a little bit as I stared at my friend. Her face was incredibly red as tears trailed down her cheeks. She had the look of absolute betrayal. Had I done something wrong?

"I hate you Kokuei! I hate you!" With that, she turned and bolted down the sidewalk and passed the gates. I could smell her fury long after she vanished from my view.

It took me a few seconds to realize there was still a crowd gathered around me. I felt claustrophobic and sick. My mind was abuzz, cluttered, hurting, drowning itself in a sea of questions needing to be answered. Kinku had said she hated me.

She hated me!

That hurt. It hurt me horribly to hear her say that.

It hurt worse than any punch or kick she ever had done before.

What's worse was I had no knowledge of what I did wrong!

"Leave us. Now," said Kane. All he did was look about the crowd and it slowly began to dissipate. Then softly, slowly, he placed a careful hand on my numb shoulder. "Do you still want to go Miyuki-san?"

I barely felt his touch as I breathed in and out slowly. Just faintly, I felt it begin to rain a little harder. Slowly, I felt the hollow throbbing again. This time it was stronger and longer. As I inhaled and exhaled slowly, the air trickled passed my fangs and I soon realized I was developing a thirst. The hurt I felt from Kinku's outrage was causing an incredible need for me to feed.

Along with the thirst, an old friend was back.

My curse was coming in full bloom.

"Miyuki-san?" Kane's hair was dampened from the rain getting harder by the second, but he was still smiling faintly at me.

I felt different, stronger, sharper, but still so very hollow inside. Turning slightly, I grinned at Kane. "Yes, I still want to go." Extending my arm, I waited for him to take it, not caring what he'd think. "Come. Let us enjoy ourselves."