Some days the best I can do is draw a line between myself and the world that I hate, I know, I'm subscribing to the type of us against them mentality that I hate, that divides people and unites them based on hate, that forces people to pick a side, black and white, no grey, and I know I'm irreversibly tied to the system that I despise, I can't break away, not fully, but I'll do the best I can do, sometimes it feels good to be able to look at you and say, "I'm not like you," and know that it's true, that's important, but no, it's not all about you, selfish, self-centered, asshole, you would think that, but no, this is about me and what I need, not about you, not everything is about you, so you can stop making me doubt myself, stop whispering in my ear, "you're nothing," "you're nobody," "you're not changing the world," I don't need to hear that shit, that's not what I need, I need lines, borders, boundaries, separation, us and them, and you're just not on my side, you've made that clear, so stay away, let me live my life, let me draw lines, even if it's stupid, I never claimed to be smart, I just do what I have to do, and maybe for me right now drawing lines is the only way, maybe later there will be something more, and I'll be stronger, braver, but for now this is something, this is enough, and I'll sing to block out the sound of your voice in my head, I'll sing songs about freedom and hope and a better way, and I'll believe them, and I'm sorry that you can't, but I'm done trying to make people change, I believe that people can change, they can always change, but sometimes they won't, and I can't make them, so the best I can do is change myself, by not participating in a system I find disgusting, by not letting people like you rule my life, by finding a way to be separate from all this shit, that's what I need.