She watches Christmas movies all year round because it is comforting to her

Which is the same reason she still listens to her lullaby tape before she goes to bed sometimes.

She doesn't like routine

Unless it's her own and no one else is in on it

As soon as it is forced on her or someone seeps in then it's no good and annoying.

Her room becomes more disastrous when she's busy with life, leaving no time to clean,

even though it sometimes bothers her

She likes it better that way.

Though she wants to be loved,

She can wait

And just wants to have fun,

It frustrates her that everyone seems so obsessed with looking for something real rather than just letting it be, then they would find real.

She doesn't like talking on the phone

Which can agitate others and makes it hard to keep in touch with her.

She stops repeating herself after the third, "what?" which makes people think she is angry with them

Which she isn't, but she can't help that her voice is quiet and it would make you annoyed to repeat yourself that many times too.

She stays up late late writing because she likes the feel of the pen as it moves across the paper.

She wonders if anyone will ever find what it is she writes worth reading.