"Help!" came the cry of an innocent bystander plunging to his doom. "Help, Captain Plot Device!"

The amazing Captain Plot Device heard the plea for help from his position on the side of the doomed airplane, which was speeding down towards the earth, getting perilously closer with each passing second. It was up to Captain Plot Device and his improbably convenient super powers to land the plane safely and save everyone's life.

"Hold on, everyone!" Captain Plot Device yelled back to the passengers of the plane. He was holding the plane up from the bottom, doing his best to stop the fall. "I've got you!"

"Yes, but who's got you?" one of the passengers asked, concerned.

It was a good question. Captain Plot Device glanced beneath him and saw that they were indeed still falling rapidly and he was now dangerously close to the ground. The plane would crash in a matter of seconds if he couldn't stop it! And what could he possibly do to stop it?

Several people were on the ground far below Captain Plot Device, watching his actions from afar. "Look, up in the sky!" someone shouted, once the hero became visible to them.

"It's a bird!" someone said.

"It's a plane!" said another.

"Yeah, I guess it technically is a plane," Captain Plot Device agreed, still struggling to contain the giant vehicle's landing. The plane was coming down more rapidly. They were about to crash now

Suddenly, the amazing hero felt something soft beneath him. Something rubbery, he realized. The plane had also come to rest safely on whatever it was. Captain Plot Device stood up, confused. What could have saved them?

Captain Plot Device looked out from the raised platform on which he stood. A large crowd was below on the ground, and a man with a loudspeaker faced them. "Today only!" the man shouted. "Come see the largest trampoline ever created! On display only today!"

So that was it. Somehow, miraculously, Captain Plot Device and the falling plane with all its passengers had both landed on the world's largest trampoline, now bouncing harmlessly up and down instead of plummeting towards their death. What a stroke of good luck!

The man with the loudspeaker happened to glance back and see what happened. "Holy elastic!" he exclaimed excitedly. "It's Captain Plot Device!"

"I'm sure glad your trampoline happened to be here. It was a miracle," the Captain said, stepping down from the trampoline. "I've got to go now. Can you see to it that the plane's passengers arrive home safely?"

"Why, certainly, Captain Plot Device!" the man replied eagerly.

"Good," said the Captain, and began to fly off.

"Thank you, Captain Plot Device!" came the shouts of all the passengers on the plane that had just been rescued.

"No need to thank me," he replied as he flew away. "Just doing my job." And he was off.

Shortly after the daring rescue by Captain Plot Device, a tall, dark-haired, bespectacled man entered the building of the Daily World newspaper. This man was Cark Klent, one of the paper's most successful reporters. As he stepped inside, he noticed that nobody was at their desks, and none of his coworkers were writing anything. Instead, they were all gathered at the television, watching Captain Plot Device's amazing feat on the news.

Cark slipped in next to his friend and colleague, a woman by the name of Amelia Avenue, also one of the World's best reporters. "What'd I miss?" Cark whispered shyly.

Amelia turned to face him. "Oh, you're back," she noted. "While you were gone, Captain Plot Device saved an entire airplane full of people! If it hadn't been for the world's largest trampoline, they would've all been goners!"

Cark looked up towards the TV screen, but the rescue footage had already ended. "Oh, is it over already?" he asked, trying to sound disappointed.

"You got here just too late," Amelia informed him. "Strange…it seems you're never around for these Captain Plot Device news stories!"
"Just my bad luck, I guess," Cark answered.

"Must be," Amelia agreed. The two reporters began to head back to their desks when suddenly, a loud and menacing voice boomed from the television.

"So, you think you're so great, Captain Plot Device?" came the contemptuous voice. Upon looking once more at the TV screen, Cark and Amelia both recognized the large, bald form of Rex Ruthor, the richest megalomaniac in town—and Captain Plot Device's worst enemy.

"It was only a fluke that you saved that airplane," he continued. "But you won't be so lucky when I set off a missile to destroy the entire city!" A gasp was heard from everyone present. "That's right—in one hour the city of Acropolis will be doomed!"

Another gasp was heard from everyone present. "I sure hope Captain Plot Device can stop this!" Amelia commented to Cark.

"Eh…I'm sure he can," Cark began. "But right now, I've got to go--"

Ruthor's speech continued. "And if Captain Plot Device comes to stop it, he'll be walking right into the most obvious trap ever! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Have a nice day." With that, the image of Rex Ruthor disappeared from the screen, leaving everyone in a panic.

"What will we do, Cark?" Amelia asked worriedly.

Before Cark could answer, someone else called to him. "Klent!" came the loud, commanding voice of Barry Black, editor of the Daily World. "This is the biggest story we've had in a long time. I need you and Avenue both on this story at once! And Ulsen!"

Johnny Ulsen, the paper's young photographer, looked up at his boss. "Yes, chief?" he asked.

"You'll go with them," Barry Black commanded. "Well, what's everyone waiting for? Get to it already—and don't come back without results!"

"Yes sir, Mr. Black!" Cark, Amelia, and Johnny all replied in unison. And they were off to explore the diabolical plan of Rex Ruthor.

Outside the Daily World building, Cark and his companions stood, on their way to Ruthor Tower. Actually, Amelia and Johnny were both ready to go, but Cark had a different agenda. For in reality, unbeknownst to his fellows, Cark Klent and Captain Plot Device were one and the same.

"Before we go, I have to, uh, make a very important phone call," Cark said to his colleagues, stepping into a very conveniently placed phone booth. "I'll only be a moment."

"Why does Cark always do this?" Amelia Avenue questioned aloud, remembering past assignments they'd had—usually the ones involving notorious villains and imminent disaster—when Cark had done the same, ducking into phone booths immediately at the start of their mission.

"I don't know", Johnny answered. "But it's weird. One time I saw Cark go in there, and then Captain Plot Device came out! After that, I always wondered where Cark had gone and how Captain Plot Device had gotten there."

Actually, Cark used the phone booth as a secret place to quickly don the costume of his alter ego. At this point, Cark had just taken off his thick-rimmed glasses and was preparing to change into the red and blue garb of Captain Plot Device. But Johnny didn't know this, and curiously peered inside to see what Cark was really up to. And what he saw was astounding.

"Amelia, look! It's Captain Plot Device himself!" Johnny shouted, pointing inside the booth.

Amelia looked in herself, then scowled. "Don't be silly, Johnny. It's just Cark without his glasses," she replied frankly.

"Oh," Johnny said, somewhat dejected. "Well, they sure look a lot alike."

"Hmm…that is a strange coincidence," Amelia muttered to herself skeptically.

It wasn't too much longer before someone did emerge from the telephone booth—and not their friend Cark Klent, but rather the resplendent figure of Captain Plot Device.

"Hey, Captain Plot Device!" Johnny exclaimed excitedly. "But…what happened to Cark?"

"Don't worry, Johnny," Captain Plot Device addressed the youth. "Your friend Cark is in the middle of a very important telephone conversation. He asked me to tell you to go on to Ruthor Tower without him. In fact, that's where I'm going—I've got to make sure that Rex Ruthor can't launch the missile."

"Please stop him!" Amelia called, to the speedily departing captain. "You're our only hope!"

"I will," Captain Plot Device assured them. "Be careful, you too."

At that exact moment, a commercial jet flyer, who had no passengers at the time and was incredibly bored, swooped down to give Captain Plot Device a lift to Ruthor Tower.

"Thanks, pal," Captain Plot Device said as he left the plane. "Sure is lucky that I ran into you when I did!"

As all this had been happening, Amelia and Johnny had successfully made their way to Ruthor Tower as well.

With heroic valiance and untold bravery, Captain Plot Device carefully snuck inside through the roof of the tower, advancing slowly but surely on his foe. The hero came to the bottom of a staircase, where he could still stay hidden, but watch Rex Ruthor from a distance. And what he saw was not good news: Amelia Avenue and Johnny Ulsen were sitting back to back on the ground, tied up!

Facing the two hostages was Rex Ruthor, who was in the middle of a monologue about his evil plan and how the city of Acroplois would soon be destroyed. Fortunately, all of Ruthor's ranting was temporarily distracting the villain. If Captain Plot Device could sneak in and stop the missile without Ruthor noticing, then the city would be saved. But he had to tread very carefully and make sure that he was not seen—

"Hey! Captain Plot Device!" Johnny Ulsen called out loudly from his position tied up on the floor. "You're here! You came to rescue us! Great job, Captain Plot Device!"

So much for sneaking in quietly. Hearing Johnny's outburst, Rex Ruthor stopped in the middle of his extremely cliché monologue and turned to face his foe. "So we meet again, Captain Plot Device," the bald villain said sinisterly. "For the last time."

"You'll never get away with this, Ruthor," Captain Plot Device said determinedly.

"Oh, but I already have!" Ruthor shouted happily. "For you see, the missile has already been launched, and the only thing that can stop it is a signal disruptor that would disrupt the signal that directs the missile, thus causing it to self-destruct! But without a signal disruptor, the missile cannot be stopped, and the city's doom is imminent!"
"You fiend!" Plot Device cried, lunging toward his foe. But just as Captain Plot Device came at him, Rex Ruthor pulled something from the pocket of his extremely expensive suit jacket: a small rock that radiated a deadly green glow! Captain Plot Device fell to the ground and moaned in pain.

"Well, it's time for me to make my daring escape," Ruthor said maliciously. He dropped the Kryptonite on the ground next to the hurting hero and ran to the staircase that led to the building's exit. "Good bye, Captain Plot Device," he said as he ran down the stairs. "And good riddance. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Captain Plot Device was writhing on the ground in pain, the chunk of Kryptonite having been placed strategically right next to him. "So weak…" he managed to mumble. "Can't move…Must…talk like this…"

"Come untie us, Captain Plot Device!" Amelia Avenue called to him.

"Can't!" the Captain replied. "Kryptonite…"

"Kryptonite?" Amelia repeated. "That stuff doesn't hurt you. That's someone else's weakness!"

"What?" Captain Plot Device asked, feeling a renewed sense of strength. "Why, you're absolutely right!" He stood up with new resolve and made a heroic pose. A tune that evoked a sense of excitement, adventure, and heroism started playing in the background. Captain Plot Device was ready to fight again.

Wasting no time, the vigilant hero ran over to Amelia Avenue and untied the ropes that bound her. She stood up and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, Captain Plot Device," she said. "I'm sure glad you're here."

"Right," Captain Plot Device acknowledged. "Now, let's go find Ruthor."

"Wait, what about me?" asked Johnny Ulsen, who was still tied up inescapably. But his cries were lost on Captain Plot Device and Amelia, who had already began down the stairway towards the exit of the building.

Once they were outside, Captain Plot Device began fervently looking around. "Now, if I were Rex Ruthor, where would I go?" he asked. "We've got to think like he would, tune our minds to the logic of the criminal element."

"Uh, Captain—" Amelia began.

"Later, Amelia. As I was saying, we've got to consider all of Ruthor's resources and deduce where he would have gone. We need to--"

"Uh, Captain Plot Device…" Amelia interrupted a little louder.

"Not now, Amelia! We need to track Rex Ruthor down! We'll start by searching every back corner of every dark alley in town, and—"

"Captain Plot Device!" Amelia yelled.

"What?" the Captain asked, annoyed.

"Rex Ruthor is right over there," Amelia said, pointing.

"Oh," said Captain Plot Device. "Well, why didn't you say so?" Indeed, Rex Ruthor was only a few yards away from them, trying to hail a cab in which to make his grand escape. But not if Captain Plot Device had anything to say about it!

"Hey, Ruthor!" the Captain thundered, drawing closer to his foe.

"Huh?" Ruthor asked, turning to face the one who had called his name.

"You're finished!" Captain Plot Device yelled, slamming a fist into Ruthor's face and sending the diabolical mastermind crashing to the ground, unconscious.

"Well, I'm glad that's all taken care of," Captain Plot Device stated.

"But there's still the missile!" Amelia Avenue reminded him. "It'll land any minute! What are we going to do?"

"Hmm," Captain Plot Device said, pondering the conundrum. Indeed, the missile was about to land—it could already be seen in the very distant sky. If only there was some way to stop it. Rex Ruthor had said that only one thing could stop it, but he couldn't quite remember what it was. Some sort of a technological device, but what was it?
"Signal disruptors!" someone called from a short distance away. "Get your top quality signal disruptors here—free samples today!"

Well, that was convenient. Captain Plot Device approached the traveling signal disruptor vendor. "Excuse me, kind sir, but could I please have one of those?"

"Anything for you, Captain Plot Device," the man replied, handing the hero a small mechanical apparatus with one button. Without hesitation, Captain Plot Device pressed the button. Up in the sky, the missile could be seen undoing itself in a small, harmless explosion.

"Well, I'm glad that's all taken care of," Captain Plot Device stated.

"Hooray for Captain Plot Device!" Amelia Avenue cheered happily. "Captain, do you think I could possibly get an interview with you?"

But Captain Plot Device didn't hear her, for he was already far away and changing back into his civilian identity. Soon Cark Klent rejoined Amelia just outside Ruthor Tower.

"Cark!" she exclaimed, surprised. "You're here!"

"Yeah, I just got off the phone," Cark said. "What did I miss?"

"Oh, not much," Amelia informed him. "Captain Plot Device beat up Rex Ruthor and stopped the missile."

"That was nice of him," Cark said. "Too bad I didn't get to see it."

"Yeah…I've been wondering about that," Amelia said, eyeing him suspiciously. "Whenever Captain Plot Device is here, you're not here."

"Um…yeah…" Cark said, getting slightly nervous.

"And whenever you're here, Captain Plot Device isn't here!" Amelia continued.

"So?" Cark asked.

"And you do look a lot alike," Amelia said. "So, that means you must be…really unlucky!"

"Yeah, I guess so," Cark acknowledged, relieved that his secret was safe. Together, he and Amelia walked back to the Daily World building.

So, the day was saved, thanks to Captain Plot Device. The amazing hero would go on to keep fighting for truth, justice, and plenty of other similarly noble ideals.

"Hey, come back," Johnny Ulsen said from the unpleasant confines of Ruthor Tower. "Will somebody untie me? Please?"