You should know the intentions that motivate

These things I've been trying to say.

When your attention I did captivate,

I said it's for you that I pray.

I heard you got mad and were somewhat annoyed

To hear about needing salvation.

But I don't want to see your soul be destroyed,

Nor witness your lifelong damnation.

I truly don't wish to condemn you to hell,

Nor to jam my faith down your throat.

But this is a truth that I simply must tell,

Which is why I did write you that note.

I apologize if too forceful I seemed,

But I still hold to all that I said.

The hope of a life that can be redeemed

Must be shared with the spiritually dead.

If I cared not for you, then I'd not take the chance

To share with you all that I share.

But the reason I take this evangelist stance

Is that God and I truly do care.

To see you in darkness brings me great pain.

His salvation you need to receive.

Since I care, from these words I will not refrain:

I look forward to the day you believe.

Now this school year of ours has come to an end;

As for meeting again, I'm perplexed.

But I do plan to see you at some point, my friend—

In this life and, I pray, in the next.