Kiss Your Dust

The remnants of your footsteps.
The dirt clouds that you form impairs my vision.
It is a premonition - telling me that you have no use for me.

I am not needed by you.
In fact, I have never been wanted.

I am and was always just there -
Standing in such an idle manner.
While you continue to advance forward.

You've been progressing too quick.
Because the moment we met just felt like yesterday.

The grains of time within me has stopped.
I remain passive - remain the same as before.
Ever unmoving and ever unchanging.

I don't remember since when, but I have lost sight of you now.
The view of your barely visible figure is gone.
All my hopes and dreams have followed along with it.

If however - a thought of the past crosses your mind.
If ever, you decide to come and look back.
You will know that I am gladly kissing your dust.