Beautiful Flower

Dedicated to my most beautiful and wonderful teacher, who has supported me through thick and thin… Miss Patel, I will love you always :)


O beautiful flower, each day I come home,

And caress your petals laid out on their throne,

I return from my world of buildings and cement,

And I grieve for your loss, and I cry and repent.

I wish that your petals were there to comfort me,

I wish that your figure were always so free,

I watch day by day, as you wilt and you dry,

I watch and wait; knowing one day you will die.

Your petals will crumble like red paint chips,

Your strength and beauty will fade into lost lips.

You will droop and you will sigh, as the last breath leaves you,

You will grow lifeless and lose your charm as you do.

I come home everyday and watch you with care,

Making sure sunlight and water are there,

But even so, you wilt your life away,

And I watch you crumble apart each day.

I grieve for your loss and wish that you were

As perfect, beautiful and so strong forever.

But alas, dear flower, this cannot be,

So I bury your body, along with your seeds,

Hoping that one day, you will grow once more,

So I may recall the flower I adore.