Moments in Time

Dedicated to my class, 11P. We have our final exams (GCSE's) in school. After that, we're leaving and start enrolling for College near the end of August. I love you all, Class 11P.


I glance at the clock,

And finish the word,

No one looks up,

No one has stirred.

I look down again,

And think, this is it,

This is the moment

We all have to sit.

The clock echoes through,

This dead-silent hall,

Friends I have known,

Friends I've watched fall.

Friends I stood with,

At times in the past,

Friends I will love,

To the very last.

A sound breaks through,

My inner muse,

The bell rings twice,

We win or we lose.

The teacher looms silent,

And slides down the rows,

Grabbing the papers,

And then, off she goes.

All of a sudden,

My friends talk away,

But for some reason,

I've dreaded this day.

I've hated the time,

That I knew would come soon,

I've loathed this day,

And it's bleak afternoon.

I've imagined and lived,

This moment in my head,

I've rehearsed and practised,

Everything to be said.

But when I look,

At my friends around me,

I feel a big hole,

Where my heart's meant to be.

All I can see,

Is the lonely fact,

That I won't see half,

Of this cheerful pack.

College will come,

And we might not be close,

We may regret,

The subjects we chose.

We might never see,

Each other again,

And that thought is,

The worst part of the pain.

I've spent five years,

Of my life over here,

The people have built me,

And wiped every tear.

Some, I have barely,

Said a word to,

But I will remember,

Them, in all I do.

It's the familiar faces,

Smiling everyday,

It's the happy memories,

I must take away.

But this gaping chasm,

Feels awful inside,

I want to forget

The future and hide.

I want time to stop,

And make me re-live,

The last five years,

Where I've learned to forgive.

I want so much…

For the bonds to exist,

For our friendship to last,

For grudges dismissed.

But, I suppose,

Life must go on,

Which is why I believe,

That love should flow on.

I hope with every

Beat of my heart,

That we always stay,

11P, like the start.


A friend nudges me,

And I blink once or twice,

She smiles and I grin,

And hug her thrice.

Then everybody's talking,

And saying goodbye,

Miss Patel enters,

And we laughingly cry.

I think of all,

That she's done for me,

A poem does not show,

What she's meant to me.

Since Year 7,

She's been the best,

A role model for me,

And for the rest.

She started my poetry,

And she started my hopes,

She got rid of obstacles,

And cut all the ropes.

She gave me freedom,

She gave me love,

She gave me confidence

Like an angel from above.

She hugs us all,

And we hug her back,

The Sun is shining,

But the day seems black.

My friends and I,

Soon part our ways,

And I slowly walk home,

Remembering past days.

These are friends I stood with,

At times in the past,

These are friends I will love,

To the very last.

These are friends who

Could not be misplaced,

These are friends who

Can never be replaced.