A Super Short Intro

It's pretty ridiculous, high school. There is too much drama, immaturity, and everything else annoying. Or so this is my philosophy. Except, any Falls Ridge student wouldn't be able to tell from my social status that these are my true feelings. Let's just say that I don't exactly scream "loser". I actually scream "Popular" or "Homecoming Queen"; that is if I had to have a screaming voice describe me. This is why nobody knows that I hate being Gabe's girlfriend or the so called "leader" of two other mindless high school cheerleaders; Margo and Shawnie. Don't worry though. I plan to change this; the whole thing. I'm going to change the image that I am just a pretty face, just a cheerleader, and just a dumb girl. I'll get the point across; Falls Ridge doesn't know what they are in for.

I have the First Chapter practically written. I just wanted to put this up so you have an idea of what this story is going to be about.