Do you see me?

I guess you think this the way it has to be.

Is your vision blurry?

You are concerned about everyone else.

In your life, I am non-existent.

Every time I am remotely close, I feel very distant.

I try to signal and talk to you,


it's just like I am glass

---see through.

Everyone is looking past me,

But, do you, too?

I could go on forever,

Of how I am such an endeavor.

Please, just help me Lord, I want to be seen.

I know you're there, watching over me,

You say this is for the better, but I just don't see how this could be.

I know that you acknowledge my being here,

I want you to let me know that, my dear.

You change the subject when it comes to me,

Because you don't nearly know enough about this little honey bee,

I work and do everything as told,

Yet, when it comes to you and your mind, I'm still not sold.

I am invisible.

You make me just plain miserable.

I am invisible.

--To you.