I was standing in the rain, the tears of the clouds falling down around me. I was completely soaked, my shirt was dripping and see through, revealing my pink bra to the world. My jeans were clinging to my pale skin. I was laughing, tears, or rain I wasn't sure, dripped off my face in my mirth. The grass around me was soaked. My friends were worried if I was ok. Laughing, stading, drenched in the rain, and staring at the dark grey sky, lighting danced across the sky generously, the thunder lashing out at any one near. I laughed harder. I wasn't even sure if I was ok anymore, but I didn't care. I sang while beginning to dance, songs I knew, songs I'd heard once. Anything. I knew, somewhere, my friends were going to come call me in, or drag me in. But I wasn't going to leave this beautiful storm. No matter what happened. I was surprised when a friend came out, Kyra, and grasped my hands, spinning in circles and singing. We both enjoyed the bittersweet rain. We both called for the others, begged them to join us in our joy, in our fun. Sure enough Alli joined, Russ hot on her heels. My dance partner was stolen from me as he picked up the drenched copper haired girl, Alli watched with squinted eyes. Dale rolled his eyes and joined our fun, his hair falling from it's fluffy state into a drenched mess of curls. Cole and John were last to join our dancing and running and playing in the rain. I begun spinning in circles and finally fell down, mud splattered my wet face and clothes. This gave Russ and idea. Soon mud was flying everywhere, the thunder and wind made for the soundtrack to our fun. Voices were still singing disjointedly, different songs belted as offering to the murky clouds.

I still lay in the dark mud. Dale stood over me for a minute before extending his hand to drag me from the mud, I took it carefully, but with out care for the effects. I noticed in my vision Kyra on Russ's back, it was an all out mud war, in her hand a large clump of grass, mud and something green and goey. I heard a roar of digust after the almost sickening splat. Dale and I begun to laugh, again, at their fun. He then reached towards me and swept one arm under my legs and the other caught my fall, I was bridal style in his arms, to be honest I didn't know what happened, to me there was only rain, thunder, and arms holding me. I glanced up at his chocolate eyes, and my laughter faded. Not due to lack of joy, simply I didn't laugh. I slithered out of his arms, my feet touched ground and I felt a sudden strength, courage, I don't usally feel, and I moved his curtain like hair with my pale hand and pressed my lips to his. I felt the shock in both myself and him. Suddenly my courage was lost, I pulled away, gave him an innocent look and danced away.