All Humans Are Created Equal

No one's prepared to like you and No one wants to like you
And you've accepted the fact that it's true but
You still seem unsure maybe upset
Even crying some days until your pillow is
Soaking wet but everyday
They're staring at you with a strange look but
You know exactly why now yet
You still wonder exactly how
Things came to be this way
That your future is messed up all because
Of yesterday and the day before that too
The rest of the days time seem to fly past
So quickly and without any understanding
Or comprehension and meaning but
Yet we still live on despite the betrayal
That's been done and executed without fault
Or flaw or mistake at all
They say you can't have the cake and eat it too
But if you eat it you're still technically having it
So why complain of such simple matters
When your life is hanging in tatters and you never
Hear your very own laughter anymore these days
Or see that beautiful smile of yours in the mirrors
Down in the park the lake is reflecting back your
Own reflection your own humiliation and hesitation
And you suddenly know without consideration that
You've become discrimination,
An abomination,
To the human civilization.

A//N:: This is dedicated to Ashelin - I love the way in which you write your poems, and it inspired me to write this poem differently from the way I usually write.