You are so angry
So easy to offend
My heart says to love you
My mind says defend

You seem so cold
So uneasy and tense
It seems not only walls
But now you built a fence

You make everything so hard
Nothing seems to go right
I just want to love you
I never want to fight

I know that you are busy
I know you are stressed
I am sorry if it's too much
I am afraid I won't pass this test

I am giving all I have
Not even the slightest held back
I just feel something is missing
What is it that I lack?

I feel you pulling away
Falling out of sight
I am holding on so tightly
But do I have enough might?

You won't tell me much
Always short and cold
I wish I had something
Just the slightest thing to hold

But I guess I deserve this
I need to suffer for the past
I cannot express the sorrow
For the shadow I have cast

I don't know what is going on
I just need this chaos to end
I am asking you this time
For a hand to lend