I can't walk on eggshells
I am supposed to talk
I need to be open
But it seems you want to walk

Every time I say something
You get so mad at me
How can I talk to you?
When all you want is to flee

You avoid the conversations
You get mad and yell
You confuse me so bad
Why does it have to be hell?

I want you to listen
I just want to you speak
Why can't we just work it out?
My mind is at its peak

I don't know what you want from me
I just want to care
When I try and talk
I get a cold dead stare

I am only trying
Trying to make things right
I don't want to argue
It doesn't have to be a fight

You won't be open
You just scare me worse
I feel so afraid
Maybe it's my curse

Everything is so hard
I can't do anymore
I am giving my best
Wanting better than before

But if I can't say
What needs to be said
I don't know what to do
Your feelings can't be read

I wish I knew
Where to go from here
I am supposed to talk
But it leads to even more fear

So tell me what to do
I will do what you need
I just want the love inside you
Your love to be freed