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Chapter Cover- Adam smiling and holding Destiny, Eddie, Diana, and Nancy as keychains. Nancy's reading a book. Eddie's glaring at Destiny with his arms crossed. Destiny's glaring back. Diana's glaring at Adam.

Yellow Rose

A Second Chance

Chapter One - An Unrecorded Event? Reincarnations?

The only noise in the library was the sound of pages turning. A blue-haired girl was flipping through the pages absentmindedly, cheek resting against the palm of her right hand while using her left to turn the pages. She was bored, anyone could see it. Her only companion in the empty home was not in the same room as her, having gone to wander around the attic. She sighed and was about to flip the page when a word caught her eye.


Blue eyes wide, she quickly skimmed the page, hoping it had something to do with the research she had been doing for the past year. Eyes widened even more as she kept reading and when she got to the end, her breath was caught in her throat and she exhaled deeply.

She had found what she had been looking for this time.


"The grammar of the sentence..." A black-haired girl tapped her mechanical pencil on her notebook. She was bored and exhausted. College was hard and the work the teachers gave her made her stay up till at least four o'clock, letting her only have three hours of sleep before having to get ready to wake up and go back to college again.

The girl doodled on the margin of her notebook while struggling to keep awake. She sighed and reached into her backpack, pulling out the water bottle she had put in there. It was half full so she made a note to buy another bottle later.

This girl's name was Destiny Vaughn. Born eighteen years ago on January fourth to two loving parents who unfortunately died when she was fourteen.

She also happened to be half human, half angel. And had saved the world (with four of her friends) from an evil organization hell-bent on summoning the Demon Lord when she was sixteen.

Indeed, this was not a normal person, but you would never have guessed that from her appearance.

She was tired and she had been hoping that the cool water would be able to at least wake her up a little bit as there was only fifteen minutes left to the class. It was getting harder to keep her brown eyes open and she knew it was futile for she had only gotten to bed at five in the morning, leaving only two hours of sleep in.

Her body gave into the comforting sleep and she soon woke up fifteen minutes later with detention after her last class.


Destiny yawned, still tired after her nap. Yes, so she had gotten detention, but it was worth it. She felt a tad more alive and that was what she had wanted. Besides, with her body energy low, she wouldn't be able to use her powers as well as when she's fully awake which would be problematic for her. Especially when she was Diana's sparring partner, and one could not be unprepared if they were fighting against the staff mistress.

The young angel continued walking down the corridor of Waterson University. She was finally at college. Finally an eighteen year old. A first year at college. She swore she could sing, but refrained from it since Diana was leaning casually against a wall up ahead and Destiny knew how much she hated her singing. The angel grinned at the seer and stopped before her.

"Hello, dear Diana," the black-haired girl sang. She even bowed for good measure.

The orange-haired girl rolled her eyes. Even though the other was the older one, she always acted the most immature. Especially when arguing with Nancy. "You're late."

Destiny scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "Ah... yeah. Fell asleep in class. Got detention for it."

"You are hopeless, Des. Completely hopeless." Diana sighed, shaking her head while looking down, before looking straight at her. Destiny noticed she had her I'm-Completely-Serious-Right-Now-For-I-Just-Had-A-Vision-Earlier look and paid close attention. "When I was sleeping, I had a dream when I was in Miller's class."

"Wait. You fell asleep in Miller's class?" Destiny was shocked and Diana resisted the urge to roll her eyes again. "There is no fucking way you can possibly fall asleep in that class."

Diana crossed her arms, annoyed. "Well, he was conducting something with some other students and I got bored so I fell asleep. Do you want to know my dream or not?"

The angel waved her hand. "Yeah, yeah. Please tell me, oh great seer."

Diana gave her a quick glare before continuing. "There was a throne in a dark room. Someone was sitting on it but I couldn't see who it was or whether it was male or female. All I know is..." She took a deep breath and stared directly at the other's dark eyes. "Something will happen today that will change our lives."

"Well, our lives have already changed. Nancy isn't here anymore." Diana was surprised at the bitterness in her friend's voice. The Tamer and the angel had been inseparable. The seer couldn't figure out what could possibly cause such a reaction from the other. "She's off somewhere, having decided that she'd rather listen to her family of all times. She didn't before, so why now?"


"God, I can never understand her," Destiny grumbled. She then sighed and said in a rueful and wistful tone, "Used to think I did, but now... I just don't know anymore."

Diana ran a hand through her hair. "Look, we can't ponder on this for so long. Nan's gone. We have to accept it." She pushed herself off the wall. "It's time for your detention, isn't it? I suggest you go before you get in trouble with Johnson."

The seer said good-bye (which the angel returned) and walked off. Destiny watched her retreating back for a second before adjusting her backpack and headed to the direction of the detention room. She'd gotten enough to know where to go and how long she had to stay for.


The phone continued ringing before the answer machine finally picked up after ten rings.

"This is Destiny Vaughn's place and I'm either not here or too lazy to pick up the phone right now. You should know what to do after the beep."

There was a beep and there was silence for a few seconds before a female's voice was heard. It was quiet, as if unsure whether she should be doing this.

"…Des? It's me, Nancy. I know I haven't contacted you for so long and I'll tell you all about it later. But for now, I have very important news. My number's still the same, just so you know."


The door clicked open and Destiny walked into the empty apartment. She exchanged her shoes for her slippers and threw her backpack at the couch. She was about to walk to her room to change out of her clothes when she noticed the red light that tells her she had a new voice message. Confused, she pressed play to listen to it.

Her eyes grew wide when she realizes it was from Nancy. She immediately picked up the phone and dialed the number she had still memorized after nearly two years. She listened to the rings before someone picked up.

"Hello, Des." It was Nancy. Of course it was. She had called her cell, after all.

"How did you know it was me?" the angel asked.

"Caller ID. Anyway, meet me at Angel's Cafe at five, okay? I've already called Diana." There was silence on both sides before the Elemental Tamer spoke. "...really missed you."

Destiny took a deep breath and smiled, even though the other wouldn't be able to see it. "I know. Us too."

"I'll see you at five."

"Alright." With that said, the two hung up and Destiny's legs decided it was then when they could no longer hold up her weight. She sank onto her couch, unable to comprehend the fact that she had just talked to her twin after nearly two years. She leaned back and closed her eyes. What else was going to happen now?

She looked at the wall clock hanging over the television. Four forty-five. Fifteen minutes to go to Angel's Cafe which was only about five blocks from her apartment building. Knowing Nan, she was probably already there, sipping hot chocolate while ignorant to the looks she gets from drinking such a drink during late summer.

The young angel sighed and got off the couch. She headed to her door and put on her shoes after taking off her slippers and headed to the direction of the cafe.

Angel's Cafe was a recent cafe who had opened only a few weeks ago. Despite this, it was popular, especially for young girls and couples. She knew one of the waiters there since the two go to Waterson University and he always gave a small discount for her whenever she went there.

The bell at the top tinkered and Destiny looked around, searching and hoping Nan was already there. Her prayers were answered when she saw her sitting at a table that was near the middle of the cafe. She headed towards her and noticed that the blunette was reading a manga. She shook her head; some things just never change, did it?

"Hey," Destiny greeted, taking the seat right across from her.

The blunette looked up from the book and, blinking for a while, smiled at her. "Des. How's it going?"

"Fine. Waterson's okay. Got detention again for sleeping in class. You know, the usual stuff like back in high school," the angel responded.

Destiny watched as Nan took a bookmark from her bag and placed it in between the pages she had been reading. Setting it to the side, she looked at her. "Ah, still sleeping in class?"

"You know I am. Class starts at seven and ends at three. Don't know how I can last so long," the angel said, grinning. Nancy laughed and shook her head, resting her cheek on her palm. "What about you?"

"Hm?" she said through half-lid eyes.

"What's going on in Nancy's world?" Destiny asked.

"Oh nothing much. Studies are okay. Watanabe's a pretty nice school for the arts," the blunette replied. She then scowled. "I still can't get away from the fame, though."

This time, it was Destiny's turn to laugh. It was moments like these that can make everything in the world disappear and just enjoy the moments they have. After a few minutes, she managed to calm down and a boy came up to them, dressed in the uniform of the cafe.

"Hello there, Destiny. I see you have a new friend here," he said, grey eyes staring directly at the blunette.

"Oh, she isn't a new friend. She's an old one," Destiny corrected with a grin. "Knew her since six years old."

"My, really?" The boy looked at her in a whole new light. "I don't know how you managed to survive her for so long."

"Believe me, I don't know either," the Tamer responded with a light smile. "Nancy Tang."

"Alan Averia," he stated with a small bow. "Tis a pleasure to finally meet the famed girl that Destiny has always talked about."

Nancy turned to look back at the angel, an eyebrow raised. "Really now. My, Des, if I didn't know better, I'd say you love me."

Destiny laughed and played along; it wasn't the first time anyway. She placed a hand over her heart and said, "You wound me, Nan. I thought you knew."

Alan laughed at the antics of the two. "Well, would you two like anything?"

"An ice-cream sundae with a slice of chocolate cake, please," Nancy replied before picking up her manga and opening it where she had left off. "I would like an iced tea as well."

"Chocolate milkshake with that a piece of that cake you're always talking about." Destiny said.

"Ah, you mean a piece of our specialty?" Alan asked, pointing his pen to a picture of a cake on the wall behind him.

"Yes," the angel confirmed. "That."

"Very well then. I shall be right back!" and Alan walked off to prepare the orders.

Destiny looked back at Nancy. She was still reading the manga, though she couldn't see the title. "So, whatcha reading?"

Nancy looked up and said, "An Angel's Destiny," before going back to reading.


"Sakurazuka Hane."

"Hane is first name?"


"What's it about?" the black-haired girl asked.

"A girl who woke up to find an angel sleeping right next to her. The angel turns out to be a member of royalty up in Heaven and the girl falls in love with him. However, the angel doesn't want her to be close to him since there is a fallen angel who wants to use the angel and his two sisters to control all the worlds." Nancy then looked up for half a second before lowering her eyes once more. "A standard fantasy love story."

"Ah." Destiny pondered on it. The summary sounded familiar. Wasn't it a story that Nan had been writing a few years ago? "Doesn't it sound like a story you had written back in high school?"

"There are no such things as coincidence," Nancy said with a smile. Before Destiny could ask about that, a familiar orange-haired girl had arrived on the scene, taking the seat on Destiny's right.

"Long time no see, Nan. How've you been?" she asked.

Nancy placed the bookmark at where she left off and this time put the manga in her bag. "Hello, Diana."

Alan chose that exact moment to come back with the food. He set down the orders in front of the ones who ordered them and noticed Diana. "Well, hello there, Diana."

"Alan," the seer said stiffly.

"Aw, do you still hate me?" Alan asked with a hurt expression on his face.


"You know you don't mean that. So, what do you want?" he asked.

"Sweetened lemonade will be fine," she said simply. Alan saluted and walked off. Five minutes later, he placed the drink in front of her and walked off to serve another table. "So, please tell us why you've called us here when you haven't contacted us in nearly two years."

Nancy winced at the reminder. "Well, Grandfather was being observant over what I was doing after the whole Legend fiasco and I couldn't find an opening to contact you. Yoru was not to interact with me and the Tamers who had sided with Darkness had to be punished."

"But Keisuke, Ashi, and Aoru helped us out in the end!" Destiny exclaimed, horrified.

"I know." Nancy nodded before scowling. "I couldn't care less what they did to Florinda and Takuya, but I wouldn't let the three get punished when they helped us at the end. So, I had to go and fight against the Elders of the family and, thanks to the fact I had a pretty convincing argument, the case went in my favor and only Florinda and Takuya were punished."

"What were their punishments?" Destiny asked while Diana sighed in relief. The seer had gotten attached to the Ice Tamer and had found him adorable, especially since he reminded her of her younger sister.

"Death," Nancy said as if she was talking about the weather. "Betrayal of the family, especially to join forces with Darkness, is a serious crime. Kei-chan's father was punished as well for threatening me. Those who threaten the Head of House, no matter whether popular or not, must be killed."

"Horrible," Destiny commented, shuddering. Nancy shrugged.

"That's the Ikeda clan's laws. So, Grandfather decided I was enjoying my freedom a little too much and decided to be stricter with me. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks." The blunette sighed and gave a rueful smile. "Forgive me for not contacting you?"

"You know we do," Diana said with a smile. "We stick by each other no matter what."

"Even if you've been gone for two years," Destiny reminded.

Nancy groaned. "Stop reminding me. I feel guilty enough already."

"So, please enlighten us on why we're here."

"Right. So, I managed to slip away from my Grandfather's watches by going to Mitsukai and decided to look up more info on the Legend." Nancy then smiled and looked as if she could barely contain her excitement. "There was a missing event in the Legend."

"Say what!" Destiny and Diana yelled out, standing up. The entire cafe was silent and, with apologies, the two girls sat back down as the conversations around them began going up again. "You have to be kidding."

Nancy shook her head. "No. They're coming back."

"Who is?" Destiny asked, leaning forward in anticipation.

"Addy and Ed." Nancy's smile widened a bit and there was a spark in her eyes. "They've been reincarnated."

Diana shook her head, not wanting to believe what the Elemental Tamer had said. "There is no way someone can possibly be reincarnated in only two years. It takes at least fifty...a century for a soul to be reincarnated. Besides, there are rules and requirements to be followed and met in order for you to be reincarnated." Destiny also nodded in agreement, despite how much she wanted it to be true.

Nancy sighed and dug into her bag. "I knew you wouldn't believe me."

The blunette gently placed a leather bound book on the table, mindful of the food, and flipped to the page she had bookmarked (which was near the beginning). She cleared her throat and read,

In every legend, there is always an event that has not been recorded. In the Legend of Sacrifice, there is one as well. Poor Dylan and Ryuke died, yes, but they had been reincarnated only a few years after their demise. While there is no possible way for a soul to be reincarnated only a couple years after their death, the Guardians had always been a special case.

With that said, Dylan and Ryuke were reincarnated, living different lives than the ones they had lived back when they were alive.

Nancy let out a breath and looked up at her friends, closing the book as well. "Well?"

Destiny was gaping like a fish while Diana's eyes were wide open. Nancy shook her head, wondering why it is so surprising when they've been through more surprising things. She had finished with her sundae and was halfway through her slice of cake when the two had finally decided to speak.

"...eep," Destiny managed to say. It finally sank in and she grinned. "Eddie's coming back?"

Nancy nodded and swallowed the bite of chocolate cake she had eaten. "Yes. Although, please be warned that they might have different names and different memories and might not even remember us."

"Got it." Destiny took a bite out of her cake. "This really is good."

Diana closed her eyes and let out the breath she had been holding without knowing. "So, it's true then?"

"Yes," the blunette stated before yawning.

"Tired?" Diana asked.

"Very much so. Do you know how tiring Ryuu is?" Nancy asked, eating the last bite of her cake.

The other two exchanged looks before staring at the blunette. Destiny chose to be the one to speak. "Nan... who exactly is this Ryuu?"

"Hm?" Nancy looked up before realizing she had let the name slip. Her eyes widened and she immediately swallowed. "No one. It's just—"

It was at that moment when her cell phone chose to ring. Nancy jumped and took it out of her bag. Checking the caller ID, she flipped open the phone. "What is it? I told you not to call me unless it's important." There was silence and Destiny and Diana strained their ears to try to hear who the other person was. "What do you mean there's nothing to do? So, you're bored? That's why you—never mind. Look, just meet me at the place I showed you earlier. Yes, the place with the lake. Okay, bye."

She hung up and stood up. "Gotta go."

"Date?" Destiny asked, smirking.

"Not on your life." Nancy rolled her eyes. "I just have a very bored and impatient friend who I need to make sure doesn't cause mass destruction while trying to find something to do. I'll call you should I ever discover who the reincarnations are. Bye."

"Bye," Destiny and Diana chimed in return and they both watched as the Tamer left some money behind and exited. The angel and the seer shared looks again.

"So... reincarnation, hm?" Destiny said, trying to start a conversation again.

"Indeed," the seer replied, deep in thought as she sipped her drink.


That night, Diana sat in her swirly chair, wondering whether Nancy's info was true. Reincarnation... It made her worry. Especially after the dream vision she had earlier in drama class.

"Okay, Diana. You shouldn't be worrying over this so much." She then turned to her computer and she relaxed her unknown tensed muscles. "Maybe some computer games will take my mind off it."

Even as she played, a nagging feeling at the back of her head wouldn't go away.


Destiny swept around her room, careful to be quiet enough to not wake the neighbors. Her stereo was on, playing her favorite song as she sang and danced to it.

She was happy, no, overjoyed over the fact that her love, Eddie, shall be reincarnated. Oh, if only she knew who he was! It would make everything so much more easier.

"Although, please be warned that they might have different names and different memories and might not even remember us."

Nancy's warning rang in her head and she stopped and sat down on her bed. It didn't really matter. The two could become friends and fall in love with each other once more. Besides, Nan never said anything about how they wouldn't regain their memories over time…


Nancy leaned against a wall, dressed in dark clothing. The full moon shone above her and she was lucky it wasn't a blue one. She sighed and closed her eyes. Goddess, she was tired. She heard footsteps coming her way but didn't open her eyes until they stopped.

"Here." The blunette looked at the can of soda in front of her and then at the one standing before her. She chuckled and accepted it.

"Thank you, Ryuu."

"No problem, Kouyou-heika."

"Don't call me that. Anyway, it's late now. Let's go home."

"After you, Kouyou-heika."

"I told you not to call me that!"