Never Good Enough

I do everything you ask me to do,

You yell for me to do more for you,

I am so tired of this never-ending circle of doing things,

I wish I had wings

--so I could just fly away…

You say pick up the slack,

It's so hard not to talk back,

I want to yell in your face,

"How can you ever be satisfied?!"

I feel like such a big disgrace.

For goodness sake,

You make me want to jump in a lake,

Toward me, your emotions are so fake.

I am never good enough for you,

Why can't you see my hard work through?

I'm doing my best,

Working harder than the rest,

Just to get you to notice me.

Can't you see?

You're hurting me,

My self-esteem, my thinking, my doings, the way I see, the way I have to be….

Why can't you just be happy with and for me?

Please, just give me a break,

You make me seem that I am a horrible mistake.

You always are asking for more,

I just want to walk through and slam the door.

I can go on for an eternity,

But, you are in a state of obscurity,

You make me feel like I am made from absurdity,

But, it's you that is.

If you hear the slightest grumble or moan,

You act like a drone,

Giving me more…to the list.

I feel like Cinderella,

And I am definitely not going to the ball,

--Not at all.

I want my freedom,

I am cooped up in this house, feeling numb.

Why can't it come?

I'm done…