First Time

When I gaze into your eyes

It feels like it's the first time

Like I never saw you before

Every embrace is brand new

Every touch is so alluring

The sight of you is breathtaking

And I feel like it's the first time

That I've seen you

Every word from your mouth

Brings joy to my soul

Everything is so…different

With you

Nothing is like it ever happened before

And I think I'm falling 'in love' again

But I know it won't last

But what if it does…

What if you're true?

I guess it's too bad that I am a skeptic

I fell for love once before

And I made that mistake

And I am making it again

I thought I grew up before

But God, it's just like the first time

God, save me; I'm falling quickly

God, your losing me

I am a slave to this new emotion

Captured, entranced, deceived

God, why did you let me fall?

I asked for what I couldn't handle

God it feels like the first time

Like the days I was naïve

Love is so blinding…

God, I am stronger

I promised myself I wouldn't fall…

And I thought I promised you too

But I guess I was wrong…

Love breaks even the strongest

Every single time

And it always feels

Just like the first time…