Jesus, Rescue Me

So God I sit and wonder

And my prayers are being answered

Yet I'm still confused

I'm so skeptical

I'm so doubting

And yet you gave me a heavenly job?

God, that doesn't make any sense

God, I was told that you are perfect

So why did you make all of us?

I just don't really see it…

But I guess it doesn't much matter

I guess that I'm not supposed to understand

But God what is my purpose?

Do you really have a plan?

Why, why, why

I want to ask why about everything

God, I've so many questions

Polluting my soul

Hoping for an answer

My soul longs to be free

God, I know you know this

God, I know you see

So why must I wonder?

Why do let me go on like this?

Jesus, rescue me