I've done one sin too many

I've spoken one too many words

I regret all that I've done

Sadly, I am more than just a nerd

I've made mistakes too

Perfection is just not me

As much as wish

That is what I could be

I can't believe that I did that

Why did I dare?
Why was I stupid enough to believe

That you could really care

Why couldn't I just shut-up

Shut-up and walk away

Ignore how you try to impress

While it is only lies that you convey

I hate replaying all these times

I hate thinking of the past

I need to get away

I need to run away real fast

I need to forget all you said

Everything that you did

Because I don't want to end up

Like those who quit and hid

I need to move on

I need to learn

I can no longer like you

Or for your words can I yearn

I need to stop this regression

Repeating the past

I need to move on

I need to get past it